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What should be the Size of Passport Photo – Passport Size of Photgraph

The size of photograph on the passport and other photograph requirements by Passport Offices – Complete details related to size, background, expression, brightness and contrast of the passport photograph

The Passport should be your most important travel document in your arsenal as it affords you the right to travel abroad for personal or business reasons. This document has a lot of information about the holder and that includes full name, date of birth, full residential address etc. This document also functions as a international ID card to help you in the appropriate situations. The Passport Office and the Passport Seva Kendra are the governmental authorities that help the people with the issual or revoking of the passports.

Passport Size of Photograph

The Passport size photograph is one of the most important forms of photograph that goes into official documents. This type of photograph goes on all types of forms that require photograph identification such as the passport form, driver’s license, SIM card application and other such important documents. Moreover schools and universities are using them for their student Id’s and other membership cards bear a similar photograph to identify the card holder.

Size of the Passport Photograph

The size of the photograph varies from country to country, but these dimensions and the content of the photograph are the important features of a passport photograph. Countries like Australia require a 3.5 – 4.5 cms photograph in dimension for their passports and their visas. Canada has a similar requirement for their passport size photographs that go on their ID cards, visas and their passports. This is a standard measurement for most of the countries around the world, majorly the European Union. But the United States State Department, has given the requirement that a passport size photograph must be 2’’ x 2’’.

Passport Photo Size

The requirements that go onto a passport size photograph are important as it is your official photograph for a number of years and those go on all your major documents. The border inspectors or the immigration officials must recognize you from the photograph and when they look at you.

Passport Photo

Here is the list of requirements for having a passport size photograph:

  • It is not enough to have a cut out of your face from a candid shot, you must have your full face front view with open eyes, and not a profile shot
  • Make sure that your photograph represents your full head and from the top of your head to the shoulders
  • The background must be plain white and not flashy by having a colour like blue, red or others like it.
  • The entire face must be shown so the lighting must be in front of you to avoid shadows as they may obscure the photograph.
  • You should have a neutral expression, i.e. you shouldn’t be smiling or have your mouth open to show your teeth.
  • The face mustn’t have any obstructions on it i.e. sunglasses as it obscures the facial features. Glasses are al-right as they serve a purpose of the person wearing them. Hats or caps are also unacceptable.
  • Now a days in the digital photo era, you can edit photographs, but your shouldn’t mess with the brightness or contrast to make you look even a bit unnatural.
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