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What is Passport – What are the Need and Benefits of Passport

Passport need and Benefits to the holder and Passport Seva in India – Passport Seva Kendra Officials

A Passport is a travel document that is issued by a government that holds a lot of responsibilities such as identification and for international travel purposes. This document of one of the most important document that you can hold in your possession as it holds a lot of information on it such as your name, birth date, photograph etc. There are a lot of security measures that enable one to confirm its authenticity such as a microchip that also has the same amount of information that is on the passport. This being an important document, there is a high possibility of it being counterfeit, but heavy security on the passports make that task a difficult one which is impossible for most of the population.


A passport need not be a proof of citizenship or the place of residence of the passport holder, but it can signify the primary residence of the holder. A passport may not give you the right of abode in that specific country, and the mere possession of this document doesn’t necessarily grant you any rights. Depending on the country that has issued you the passport, this document can allow you to enter a particular country without the requirement of a visa, but in many other countries, you need a visa to enter said country.



Passport Seva

Passport Seva is a portal that enables a simple, efficient, and transparent processes for delivery of passport and other travel document related services. This portal is an integral part of creating a national networked environment for the government staff and all those people who are involved in all the steps of passport making and renewal. This portal is the one stop shop for all people right from the common man who wishes to make his passport to the government official who is tasked with the verifying documents.


Need and Benefits of Passport

There are many reasons why you need a passport and it is important that you know why having one makes it a worthy investment in your future. If you are leaving the country, then it is next to impossible for you to do so without your passport. Anywhere you go outside your country of citizenship, you need that particular document for verification and identity proof. Even of you are entering the country by any means of transportation be it by road, sea, or air, then you need that document.

Expedited Passport

Having one gives you the opportunity to go and help out a friend in need/ a family member if they are in trouble. Yes, you may get emergency travel documents or an expedited passport, but getting one is a headache and is much more expensive than if you already have one. Every wanted to take an impromptu vacation from your life, or take a cruise to a far away land, then you need a passport to enjoy your life. This document makes you empowered and offers you so much potential to make you want to go out and see the world and all its beauty.

So what are you waiting for go and get a new passport and apply passport online because who knows when you will you get the opportunity to travel abroad. Now in many MNCs, passport is getting compulsory to attempt the interview.

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