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What is the Passport fees and Renewal fees – Passport Offices

Fees chargeable by the passport department in different countries – Indian Passport Fees Structure

Passport Fees

A passport is a document that is required for international travel for most of the world and it gives you that particular right. This is an important document as it also serves as an international identity card and that is always useful in cases when you can get in trouble or need to show identification. The passport holds a lot of information that includes name, age proof, and permanent residential proof.

Passport can be used as Identity and Address Proof

This document can also serve as a major document that you can use for getting other important documents such as a drivers license or a SIM card which will help you in the future. This document does not serve as proof of citizenship, but it can serve a proof of the country where you have your primary residence. The beauty of this document is that you can have more than one passport to denote that you have dual citizenship such as USA and Canadian citizenship, but you can only hold a single Passport in India as the country doesn’t recognize dual citizenship.


Passport Fees Structure

The Passport Office and the Passport Seva Kendra are the two governmental authorities that serve as the middle men between the common man and a passport. The Passport Office is the official government office that handles all the back end production aspects that go into issuing passports. While the Passport Seva Kendra acts as an extension/right hand of the governmental authority to act in conjunction with them. There are many passport offices and branches of the Passport Seva Kendra but the head office can be found in New Delhi.

Passport Renewal Fees

The amount of fees that you pay all depends on the different circumstances that you need to deal with. On the official website you can access the fee calculator with this URL: http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/fee/feeInput and calculate how much it will cost you to make/renew your passport.

  • This process starts with getting the form filled on the online Passport Seva Kendra Portal and then making an inline payment through either a) Credit/Debit (Master Card Visa), b) Internet Banking (via the SBI Bank or its associate banks) or c) SBI Bank Challan. 
  • If you are applying under the tatkaal, you need to pay online under the normal conditions and then the extra tatkaal fees needs to be paid in cash as the Passport Seva Kendra. You cannot claim a refund of this fee even if you want to cancel your appointment, as this is a onetime offer. The Police Clearance Certificate costs another Rs. 500 and needs to be paid. 
  • The lack of an SBI (State Bank of India) account doesn’t mean that you can’t pay this fee, you can use other modes of payment. If you have paid extra for your Passport, then you can make an claim a refund at the nearest RPO. 
  • For an adult re-issuing his/her passport, it would cost you approximately Rs 1500 to start and complete the process. Once you pay the processing fee, then you have to book your appointment within a year when you have completed payment.
Beside the fees of the passport, there is one also very important factor which needs to be taken care by the applicant and i.e. size of the passport photo. Many of applicants have experienced the rejection of application due to improper photograph, so to avoid the refusal one must be aware about the photo requirement.

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