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What is the Pan Card Application Fees and Correction Fees as per NSDL Guidelines

How much are the PAN card fees for registration and correction in India – Pan Card in India

India is a democratic country covers giant area geographically on world map and has immense diversity as well in respect of caste, attire, culture and religion. So it is quiet difficult for the government to organize and control the system and activities taken place keeping social welfare in mind. So keep track and record of every citizens and their activities, government of India introduced some documents like aadhar card, ration card etc and pan card is one among them stands for Permanent Account Number. It is the most important and essential document required by any bank in India while opening the bank account. It keep track of all the monetary transaction you made via bank.

PAN Card in India

Application process for PAN card

Under the central government scheme of Pradhan Mantri Yojana the application process of the PAN card is quite simple and all you have o do is go online and fill out a form. The form only requires you fill out your basic details. Fill these up and only submit the form after checking all of the details thoroughly. If there is any mistake or glitch, there are chances that your application might be rejected. You can also go to the PAN card office physically and collect the form. After you basic details have been processed, you will be asked to submit a copy of all the supporting documents. This is the last part of the verification process after which you will get your PAN card in a few months. The PAN card is usually delivered to your doorstep by special post.

PAN card fees and correction

It costs a few hundred rupees to procure a PAN card. Each and every form also costs a certain fee. This fee can be submitted to the authorities through the online banking system. The fee is kept at a minimal owing to the huge chunk of population that is below the poverty line in terms of economic capacity. Sometimes there are mistakes in the PAN card. It is better to get them rectified before your card is debarred or something. This correction can be done by downloading the PAN card correction form online. You will have to download the correction form, submit it and wait for it to be processed. If it passes then you will be asked to rectify the mistakes that you need to in your PAN card and re submit the form. There is a certain amount of nominal fee to be paid for this correction form and the subsequent issuance of a new and rectified PAN card.

Pan Card Fees

Just make sure that whenever you are asked to give out any details or information about yourself, give correct information. Double check everything before submitting it. This is a great way to make sure that no mistakes are committed by you while filling out any form.

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