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What are the Documents Required to Apply for Passport – Passport Requiremnts | Passport Seva Officials

List of documents required to make a new passport and passport requirements to re-issue 

A passport is that all important document that is required to travel out of country for business of personal reasons. Even if you can’t travel aboard, then it is equally important as it can serve as an identity document that can be used in a number of places other than at airports. This document also has the added advantage of being an international document for identification. The Passport Office and the Passport Seva Kendra are the official government offices that deal with passports in India.

Indian Passport Requirements

There are a number of documents that are required to apply for a new passport in India and those falls under two major categories namely proof of address and proof of age:

  1. Proof of Address: there are a number of documents that can be used in this instance right from the ration card, certificate from your employer on the companies letter head and the signature of your boss, water/telephone/electricity bill, income tax assessment order/ election commission ID card, or a close family members passport copy. All these documents qualify for being the proof of residential address except for the ration card of the applicant. The ration card has to be supplemented with any of the other copies of address proof.
Passport Documents
  1. Proof of Date of Birth: the birth certificate of the applicant that has been issued by the municipal authority or the district office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths is applicable as age proof. Date of Birth certificate from the last recognized educational institution is acceptable. If the candidate is semi-literate or illiterate then an affidavit sworn before a Magistrate/Notary stating your date of birth and submit it.
Passport Affidavit

There are also some more types of documents that can be submitted and those come under their own category:

  1. A citizenship document is a document that you receive of when you become a citizen through registration or naturalization.  
  2. Government Employees/Public Sector employees can submit an identity document
  3. The applicant can also submit their eligibility certificate for ENCR
  4. If the applicant has been repatriated, then you must enclose all the costs that the government has undergone to complete the task.
  5. If the applicant was deported, then a copy of your emergency travel documents/passport should be attached.
All the above documents should be attached with the major documents such as the proof of address and the age proof as those are the major documents and you can do without the previous documents.
Almost the same documents are required to renew/re-issue the document with the exception of a self-attested copy of your old passport to check details. You have to still submit the same documents and include any change that you may have gone through over the last 5-10 years. This includes your married name or a change in address and so on and so forth.

When applying for a passport for a minor, you need to have:

  1. A declaration affirming that all the information on the form is accurate and is signed by both the parents/legal guardians.
  2. An attested copy of both parents/legal guardians passport
  3. Original documents of the parents should be present for verification.
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