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Pan Card Enquiry Details in India – Online Pan Card Status Enquiry Procedure

How to check PAN card status online and enquiry details for any kind of PAN services within India

Applying for a PAN card has now become a piece of cake. It is not only necessary but also simple and hassle free. Everyone who works in India whether a citizen or an NRI needs to have a PAN card. Unless you haven’t applied for one, you will not be recognized by the Indian government.

You need to first apply for PAN card, click here: PAN Card Application Procedure

PAN Card Enquiry

After applying for a PAN card, if you need to enquire about its status, following the below steps is a must.

Status Inquiry for the PAN Card

This element can be delighted in just by the individuals who have made Credit card-paid online PAN card application. Here one can:

1) Know the application status, by basically citing the twelve digit number of the exchange as got amid the application. 

PAN Card Enquiry Details

2) Adjust the payment mode on the off chance that the Visa payment was not acknowledged. One can, for example utilization interest draft or check and so on.

Pan Card Application Center

3) Redevelop and get the affirmation receipt printed again in under thirty days inside of the application’s accommodation structure.

Why do you need a PAN card?

Pan Card Requirement

A PAN card is required mainly to pay taxes. If you earn over a certain amount you are obviously eligible to pay taxes to the government of India. Failure of doing so will cause you trouble. The government uses the PAN card number which is an alpha numeric code, to keep a track of your financial record. You are constantly on the government’s financial radar which is a good thing. With the help of the PAN card you can keep all your official documents in place.

Apart from filing returns and paying taxes this official document can be used for a number of other purposes like renting a flat, buying a landline number, buying jewellery, getting a hotel room etc. In case you purchase something that amounts to a lot of money, you need to provide a PAN card. It also serves the purpose of an ID proof.

Revision and Changes in the points of interest of the PAN Card:

This must be done strictly when the individual has chosen the PAN card. It is done when any information pertinent to the PAN card, for example, candidate’s name, father’s name, change in conception date, adjustment of the location, and so on should be made, and redesigned in the ITD records. In spite of the fact that this does not bring about the adjustment in the PAN number, the significant data is overhauled, and another PAN card is issued.

Here, while structure filling the suitable check box (seen on the left edge) is to be chosen. Case in point, if the crate 7 is checked, which is for correspondence address, the location would be changed itself, as a matter of course, and overhauled in ITD records.

Note that while utilizing PAN card India any ITD change with respect to the data given to ITD, must be told to them by method for this structure.

Significance of PAN Card in India

Significance and Benefits of Pan Card in India

Dish card i.e. lasting record number is given by Income charge office to each salary citizen. However, do you realize that PAN card is necessary and needed by taking after powers while doing monetary exchanges with them:

  • Applying for credit or check card 

Citing your PAN is must when applying for charge or Visa. Not presenting this will straight away result in application getting rejected. Charge card application dismissal can bring about issue in getting advance, Mastercard and so on in future and effect your FICO rating. Look at how to reasons of poor FICO assessment.

  • Protection installment 

CBDT has ordered protection arrangement holder to outfit PAN points of interest while making any premium installment to insurance agencies for sum surpassing Rs. 50,000 in a year.

  • While opening another financial balance (Bank Account)

It is must to deliver a photocopy of PAN card while applying for another financial balance be it open/private/co-agent or different banks. However in the as of late began money related consideration program – Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), PAN card was not needed by taking an interest banks. Look at PMJDY advantages.

  • Buy or offer of vehicle 

On the off chance that you are wanting to purchase or offer vehicle whose expense is more prominent than Rs. 5,00,000 then presenting a duplicate of PAN card is obligatory.

  • Purchasing or offering property (ardent resource) 

Any property exchange for sum surpassing Rs. 5 Lacs obliges this number to be specified in the property record. Purchasing or offering is incomprehensible in the event that you don’t have this. In the event that, it is a joint property then PAN points of interest of every individual is needed.

  • Adornments buy

High esteem adornments buy for sum more noteworthy than Rs.5,00,000 (5 Lacs) obliges purchaser to give PAN number.

  • Settled or money store 

Opening a settled store record or money store for sum more noteworthy than Rs. 50,000 at any bank requires the lasting record number. Inability to present the same would bring about TDS getting deducted at 20% if the interest measure of FD record surpasses Rs. 10,000 which is higher than the current 10%.

  • Opening record at merchant 

For exchanging offer business sector, you have to open record with an offer dealer for which submitting PAN subtle elements is obligatory. Inability to give this will bring about dismissal of your application

  • New phone association 

All telecom organizations have been ordered by Government of India to get PAN points of interest of every candidate for typical or cell association with keep a tab on terrorism, coercion charges and so on.

  • Putting resources into securities 

Exchanges surpassing Rs. 50,000 for values/common trust/debentures/bonds requires financial specialist’s PAN card.

Issuing a PAN card is your responsibility as a citizen. It is important to pay taxes not only for your personal growth but also for the benefit of the nation. After reading he above steps you will have a better understanding on how to enquiry for a PAN card and how important it is to have one.

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