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Online Application for a new VOTER ID CARD in “{Himachal Pradesh’} – Voter Instruction Guide

Get yourself registered for a new Voter ID card in the state of Himachal Pradesh | State Election Commission Himachal Pradesh officials

who is a permanent resident of Himachal Pradesh and has an address proof of
Himachal Pradesh is eligible to apply for VOTER ID card. But the applicant must
be of 18 years or above.
Voter ID Card Online Himachal Pradesh

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order to make the process easy for the applicants a website has been created by
efforts of government of HP and CEO of the state. The website contains all the
required knowledge about the process of applying for various forms. Even the
information regarding elections and polls is also provided on the website.
These days nearly everyone is aware about the working of computer and nearly
everyone knows how to operate computers. If you are able to work on computer
then, you can easily fill the form.

VOTER ID CARD Registration Requirements

ID card serves a lot of purposes for any individual. It can be used as an
identity card, as photo ID proof, as an address proof and also sorts out many
other purposes. Anyone who is 18 years or above must get their name enrolled in
the list so that they can get right to vote. Getting a VOTER ID card is not
that tough as it used to be in past. These days candidates who want to get
their VOTER ID card created can apply for the same from the official website
just by filling a simple form. The language used in the site is very simple and
all the information is provided for the assistance of users.

How to Register for VOTER ID CARD?

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The complete process to get registered
yourself for VOTER ID Card, you just need to follow given below some simple
steps to get you name registered in VOTER list:

Chief Electoral Officer Himachal Pradesh
first step for this is to visit the website at ceo.himachal.nic.in.
There you will get all the election related news.
have to select option of online registration. When you will click on that
option you will be redirected to the next page. There you will get a list of
forms. Each form is for different purpose. Likewise form number 6 is for new
name registration; 6A is for registering names of electors from overseas along
with many others.
you want to register your name for the first time then, form number 6 is for
you. But before this you have to create your account on the site.
you will login successfully on the site, you will get a pdf file for the form
number 6. You have to fill all the required details on the form correctly.
the required guidelines for form number 6 are given on the website.
guidelines will help you to fill the form in a correct manner.

VOTER ID Verification Procedure

have to take the printout of the form after completing it and send it to the
electoral office. After that BLO (Booth Level Officer) officers will visit you for the process of
verification. And only after the verification you will get your VOTER card
ready in a month.

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