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How to Renew your Passport in US – US department of State and Bureau of Consular Affairs

Get your United States Passport renewed with the complete and simple steps – Renew the passport in United States of America

A United States Passport is a document that is issued to citizens as well as non-citizen nationals of the United States of America to travel out of their country for business or professional reasons. This document is issued and regulated exclusively by the United States State Department.

The United States of America have been issuing passports for a long time, but now thanks to technology and the rising demand for passports, they have started issuing Passport cards that can be used in certain situations an in a few border crossings around the United States such as Mexico and Canada. It is unlawful to leave or enter the United States of America as a citizen without a valid Passport, or without the necessary alternate travel documents. A person holding an American Passport is not required hold a visa to enter many countries thanks to diplomatic relations with them.


US Passport Renew

US Passport Renewal Process

There are certain conditions to fulfil to qualify for a renewal of a US Passport a) is undamaged and can be submitted for application, b) was issued when you were 16 years or older, 5) was issued in the last 15 years, d) and was issued in the same name that you are currently using. If you fulfil all these requirements, then you qualify for renewal of the Passport. You can mail in the renewal application, you can renew the passport even of the passport hasn’t expired. If your passport was damaged in any way, you cannot apply using the mail service, you will have to apply in person.

US Passport Renewal

Here is the full process that you must complete to get your US passport renewed:

  • The renewal application form for a US Passport via the mail service is called the DS-82 form and can be filled out online and can later be printed or can be printed first and then filled out by hand.
Renew Passport in USA
  • You need to submit a copy of your old passport with your DS-82 renewal form so that the old one can be cancelled. It is important to know that you must verify that the old passport was issued to you when you were over 16 years of age and less than 15 years ago. The old passport is still your property and it will be returned to you after you receive the new passport.
  • If your name has changed since the issue of your old passport due to some official reasons such as marriage or a court order, you must attach an original copy of your marriage certificate or said court order.
  • You need to pay the processing fee in order to complete the procedure. For an adult trying to renew his/her passport, you have to pay $ 110 and to get the Passport book and card, then you have to pay $140. 
You have to enclose with the form a personal cheque or a money order to the “ U.S. Department of State”After all these formalities are complete, then you have successfully completed the procedure and are eligible to get your passport renewed.

Now you have the facility to renew your passport online in countries like Australia and Canada to travel abroad. As we all know that anyone can get the sudden opportunity to travel abroad either by the office or get scheduled a holiday tour by some relatives. So why don’t we keep our passport up-to-date (renewed). If your travel document is expired, apply for the renewal right now in these two countries: Renew Passport in Australia | Renew Passport in Canada.

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