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How to Renew your Passport in United Kingdom – British Passport Renewal [HM Passport Officials]

Get your British passport renewal in just few and simple steps – Information guide to renew UK Passport under passport registration of European Union

A British Passport is a passport that is issued to people holding any form of British Nationality. This is also used as evidence of the holder’s nationality and/or their immigration status. The Post Office and the Passport Office are the regulatory boards and work hand in hand to make sure that passports are given to the right people and are done on time.
UK Passport Renewal

British Passport Renewal

To renew your British Passport, you need to be in country for at least 3 weeks compared to the 6 weeks it takes to apply and get your first British Passport. You need to take care with both processes as a mistake in any process, can make the time taken to get said passport multiply exponentially. There are two major services that you can use to get your passport renewed and that is the urgent renewal service that can take 3 weeks or less and the standard renewal service that can take more than three weeks. 

You can renew or replace your passport anytime at the cost of £ 72.50 or £ 82.50 through the Post Office Passport check and send service. In the UK, time left on you existing passports is added to your new one, but there are restrictions as more that 9 months cannot be added.


British Passport

Document Required and Interview Process for UK Passport

If you have some damage on your passport, and if it has some reasonable wear and tear on, you will not be able to travel. The process to renew the process and the process to get a new passport is pretty much the same as you have to get a form online or you might have get the form at the post office, fill in the details and submit all the right documents, pass the interview and presto you will get a passport. 

You must include two identical passport photos on your form when you fill it, but be warned as it must pass all the requirements for being a passport photo. You need to get your application form and one of your photographs signed on by someone else if you have lost your old passport and are replacing it or your passport photo has been damaged along with your passport. The countersignature must be of a person of a reputable personal and professional standing and mustn’t be related to you or have had a current romantic attachment to.
HM Passport Office

VISA transfer to New Passport

If you are renewing your passport, and you have unexpired visas, then you have to send your old passport with the original visa, the visa will be transferred to the new passport, or if you wish to skip this step, then you can just carry both passports. If you have changed your name through marriage, changed the spelling or added a middle name, then you have to send documents such as your marriage certificate, driver’s license or your bank statement or any official document that shows the change. 

You will be given a number with which you can track your progress within the bureaucracy f the Passport Office. After the all the documents are proofed and all is in order, then you will get your passport via courier or Royal Mail Recorded Delivery.

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