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How to Renew Passport in India – Indian Passport Renewal Procedure

Renew your passport in India online with a very simple and suitable steps – Complete procedure guide to renew passport

A passport is that one important personal document that gives the holder the option to travel abroad for business or personal reasons. This document will be one of the most important one that you will own as it provides you with an identification document that is recognized the world over. This document may not be a proof of citizenship, but it provides you with the location of your primary residence. This document holds a lot of information about the holder which includes your full name, date of birth, address and signature. This documents importance and the power that it gives the holder is a popular document to be counterfeit and so it has a number of security measures to make it difficult to counterfeit by the common man.

Renew Passport in India

Passport Renewal Procedure

This process is a laborious one and can be extremely exhausting for the common man and thanks to the Passport Seva Kendra which comes under Pradhan Mantri Yojana, which is an extension of the Passport Office of India you can get one for lot less headache and running around. This portal is a one stop shop for everyone who wants to get a new passport made or get their old passport renewed. This portal is a unifying banner for the common man and the governmental authorities that control whether you get a passport or not.

  • You require your old passport to renew your old passport along with a self attested copy of the first four and the last four pages of the old document. The proof of current address with the help of Aadhar card, water/gas/electricity bill is also required in case of change of address. In the case of a minor, you need affidavits from both parents attesting said details provided and photocopies of their passports.

Online Passport Renewal

  • To actually get the form, you need to download the form and fill it up.
  • You need to have a user id at the Passport Seva Kendra Portal to save changes on the form and to submit it. You also need to submit scanned copies for all the documents that are required by you to be submitted.
  • You also need to visit the PSK through the way of an appointment that would have been provided to you when you registered the online form. You cannot just show up to the PSK without an appointment, but some exceptions are made when it is an emergency.
  • At their office, you need to collect a token application from the counter, submit the token and then an acknowledgement receipt will be provided and then when your token number is called, then submit the documents for verification.
  • You need to keep a few points in mind when submitting the form and those include when a minor applicant applies for a new passport, then you need to carry copies of your passport size photos or sometimes the PSK will provide it to you.

Passport Renewal Process

On completion of this step, the PSK will need to process the application. After all the police and the bureaucratic formalities, you will be provided a renewed passport for all your travelling needs

You are now familiar with the complete procedure to renew your expired passport in India, now the question arise that what is the renewal fees of passport in India. You may read a separate post on this site which is on the passport fees and renewal fees.

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