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How to Renew Passport in Canada – Embassy of the United States Officials

Get your Canadian Passport renewal by following just simple steps to recommence – Renew your Canadian Passport

A Canadian Passport is a travel document that is issued by Passport Canada to Canadian citizens to afford them the right to leave their country and travel abroad for business or personal reasons. Passport Canada is the independent government authority that has the power to issue and revoke passport applications. This independent government agency works in conjunction with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration and handles all the functions and responsibilities that go hand in hand with the issual of passports.

Canadian Passport Renewal

Canadian Passport Renewal Procedure

Before you apply to renew your passport, you need answer a few questions and fulfil a few eligibility requirements to find out whether you are eligible to renew your passport or you will have to apply for a new one. It is important to know your travel plans before you can apply to renew your passport as the procedure can take a little while if there are unforeseen circumstances on behalf of the Passport Canada Office or on your behalf if you have improperly complete a procedure in your application. When you are renewing your passport, you will have to get the old passport cancelled. To do that task you will have to submit the old document and it will be handed back to you with your application. A cancelled passport cannot be used for travel.

The procedure to get your passport renewed is pretty much the same as when you are applying for a new Canadian Passport with a few changes. It will be outlined below as follows:

  • You need to download and fill out the Adult Renewal Passport Application form, which is a little different form from the new passport application form. If you have a visa that isn’t yet expired, then you must mention that on the form, so that the visa can be transferred onto the new passport or it doesn’t get damaged in the cancellation of the old passport.
Renew Canadian Passport Form
  • The documents that you need to submit aren’t as extensive as when you first applied as all you need to submit is you recent passport and two identical photos with the name and address of the photographer. The date on which the passport was taken must be included on the back of one of the photos to signify that this is a recent passport size photo that has been taken. Extra documents are to be submitted if there are any changes on the passport since the last time you had a passport.
Steps to Renew Passport in Canada
  • You need to submit the name of two references on the application. The references need to have certain qualifications such as knowing the applicant for two or more years and also cannot be related to the applicant by any means possible. 
  • You need to pay a processing fee to finish the last part of the procedure. The payment of the fee is acceptable via Credit/Debit card or by certified cheque or money order payable to “Receiver General for Canada”. You cannot pay by cash or by issuing a personal cheque.

Finally after you complete the procedure, you will be eligible to get a Canadian Passport. You will receive the Passport depending on the procedure by which you applied for the document.

You can renew you passport of other countries as well, the well-known places along with Canada where passport holders frequently required to renew their passport are US and India. So for the passport renewal of these two countries, please click on the links given: Renew Passport in US | Renew Passport in India.

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