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How to Make Pan Card Correction Online – Complete Instructions Manual

How to update your PAN card online with step-wise process guide to change details over Pan card

India is a great country not only because of the number of people that are citizens but because of the great amount of diversity present throughout its lands. This diversity however is like a double edged sword and it makes the job of governing such a diverse bunch of people very difficult. That is why the government has come up with certain documents that every Indian citizen needs to possess. These documents are like gems and are very valuable. They need to be presented to the relevant government official and office from time to time.

Pan Card Correction Online

PAN Card

One of the most important documents for an Indian citizen is the PAN card. This document enables any Indian to create a bank account for him or herself. Permanent account number card or PAN card also works as a proof of identity and citizenship. To apply for a PAN card you will have to fill out a form first. All your basic details are required to be filled in the relevant spaces in the form. Please make sure to check all the information once again after filling out the form. Any mistakes will then have to be rectified by filling out a different form.

Verification process for PAN card

  • So after all your basic information is processed, you will be asked to submit all the supporting documents. 
  • Make sure to attach proper copies of all your supporting documents. Please double check before submitting anything for your PAN card. 
  • After you have submitted copies of all the supporting documents, you will be notified when all of it is processed. 
  • Your PAN card will arrive by post in a few days or months depending on the route you have applied through. If you have applied for your PAN card online then you will get your card early or else you will have to wait for longer.
Pan Card Update Online


  1. To update you PAN card you will have to download the correction form online or go to the office and get yourself one. 
  2. Fill out the details in the form and then wait for it to be processed. It might take a few days for that. 
  3. After it has been processed, you will be asked to make the changes that you deem necessary in your PAN card. Make the changes and re check them. 
  4. Submit the form after that and wait for the changes to be processed. They will take effect after a while of being processed. 
You require to download the correction form for update request, click here: Download Pan Card Correction Form Online

The PAN card is used for a number of purposes apart from paying taxes. It comes in handy as a proof of various things and it is also mandatory as document for opening bank accounts. Nowadays with the increased security at airports, even flying domestic requires some kind of proof. The PAN card can always be used for that verification process also. Since the government came introduced the PAN card the financial monitoring of citizens has become easy making the government’s job a wee bit simpler.

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