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How to get the Passport Application Status Online – Ministry of External Affairs

Get the passport status online with complete stepwise process details – Passport tracking online after applying

To start off, we need to explain to the people what a passport is. It is a government issued travel document of utmost importance that can give you the opportunity to travel abroad/out of country to explore the world for business or pleasure. This document holds an enormous amount of information that can help you and can serve as an identity proof in situations that require you to have identification. This document holds a micro chip embedded in it that serves as a security measure to prevent against counterfeiting, because the importance of this document makes it a popular choice for counterfeiting.

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It is important that you hold this document for a number of reasons other than identification because it affords the holder the opportunity to represent the country outside the country in a personal or professional manner and that is important.

This process of making/renewing a passport is a laborious and a mind numbing process that takes a lot of time and energy to complete. The Passport Seva Kendra has been set up in conjunction with the Passport office that is the governmental regulatory authority that oversees the issual of passports in India. This portal that has been set up by the PSK is a one stop shop for all the people who would like to get a new passport to the police authority that conducts a check before you get your passport issued.

Passport Tracking

Once you fill up the online form and submit all the right documents that are required, then it is one of the most minds numbing wait for the police to do it checks and for them to do a home visit and have you confirm some details. There are a number of websites online that help you track your progress through this entire progress, but they are sometimes unreliable, so it is best that you submit all your information on the approved governmental website. You just need to input your passport number and either your registration number or your acknowledgement number into the form on this URL: https://passport.gov.in/oci/statusEnqury and then figure out what stage your application is in. One can check your passport status via SMS, and this optional service was put into effect since November 2013. You need to enroll for this service at the PSK and this cost Rs 30. This amount isn’t included in the passport application fee. To use this service, you must send an SMS with your passport application number to a specific number and the service will get back to you as soon as possible.

Passport Application Status

There are many names under which you can look up your status and those are application submitted, application under review and application under review with reason and so many others and they describe different stages in which you can have your application. Due to the overwhelming bureaucracy that goes on in the world of passport issuals, the Right to Information Act that was empowered in 2005 helps you to get answers and promotes transparency in this chaos.

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