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How to get New Passport in case of Misplaced – Immediate Precautions to Avoid any Misuse of Passport

What to do when you lose or damage your passport – Complete procedure guide to get a new passport in case you misplaced one with the precautions to be taken to avoid any misuse

A passport is a government issued travel document that gives you the right to travel aboard for business or personal reasons. This document also functions as an identification document all around the world. This is a document that holds a lot of personal information on it, such as the name, date of birth and residential address of the holder. This document doesn’t necessarily act as a document to prove citizenship, but it provides the notion that the holder has established his/her primary residence in that particular country. The Passport Office and the Passport Seva Kendras are the primary government authority that provides the passports.

Passport Misplaced

There is a very particular definition when to come to a damaged passport and that is when the passport number that is etched on it is unreadable. If your name or your photograph is damaged, then it is also classified as a damaged passport. If even one of these data points is damaged, then the passport is considered to be damaged. If you lose your passport in country and need to go aboard for n an emergency such as a death in the family, accident or such grievous act, then you can apply for an emergency certificate, and this document can be used as a substitute for a passport. To avail this document, you can contact the respective post or mission of that country and request emergency travel documents.

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A lost passport is a grievous matter and should be reported to the nearest police station and to the nearest Passport Office. If you are in a foreign country you should report it to the nearest Mission/Post. When is the country of your primary residence, you must fill out the form to re-issue it at your nearest Passport Seva Kendra. You will have to go through the entire same process again and must submit the form with all the relevant documents again, to get your passport back. You need to have a copy of your address proof and your age proof, affidavit stating how and where the original passport was lost/stolen, an original police report and if you have a self-attested copy of the first two and the last two pages of your passport and that includes the ECR/Non-ECR page of the passport.

It is always prudent to keep a photocopy of your passport so that if you lose or damage it you have a guide to get your same passport back. If you lose your passport and don’t have a photocopy, then you must have all the important details such as date of issue, date of expiry and place of issue, this will help in filling that form again. If you even don’t have those details then contact your respective mission and request the details. If you need to get your passport re-issued in an emergency and it is moderately damaged, then you must use the tatkaal scheme. If the passport is damaged beyond comprehensible, then you cannot use the tatkaal scheme and must get the passport re issued.

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