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How to Change Name, Address and Other Details in Passport – Passport Update and Correction

Get your address, name and any detail correction in passport – Complete update process to change your details – Ministry of External Affairs Officials

A passport is a travel document that gives you the right to travel abroad for personal or professional reasons. This document contains in it a lot of personal information in it such as full name, date of birth, place of birth etc. which is all important information to have. This document serves as an international identity card and thanks to this it is a target for forgers and to be used for nefarious purposes. The Passport Office and the Passport Seva Kendra are the government offices that handle all the problems/day to day functionalities of issuing passports.

Passport Correction and Update

Passport Correction FOC

This process isn’t as complicated as many people think, but if done properly it is worth it. This is done for a number of reasons such as marriage, court order or printing error, which is the most likely. This document is important and is one of your primary identification documents all round the world. But thanks to the government of India, it is a pretty straight foreword process and can take a lot of time and energy because it takes a lot of visits to the Passport Office or the Consulate depending on where you are currently residing. This isn’t a free transaction and it costs a fee to change any details on your passport.

Change of Name and Address in Passport:

The details over the passport should be accurate and up to the mark as at the time of issuing the VISA, it become very complicated to get your details on passport verified with the referring documents. And it is also necessary to update your name and address accurately even if you are not planning to go abroad, because passport is a very important document can be used as identification and address verification. All the government and private institutions accept passport for the KYC updation.

Change of name and address in Passport

Here is a step by step process to change any of your details on your Indian passport:

  1. You first need to get all the legal documents to show the office the new name that you will be using. Using a marriage certificate, court order or a classified in the paper are the top choices. Without any of these documents, you cannot change any details on your passport. There are certain times that the documents may be in a language that isn’t English, so you must have the original document and a certified copy that has the translated text. This will give authenticity to the documents that will be submitted.
  2. The next step to be completed is the submission of the new passport size photos. This is just a rule that the passport office has made and must be fulfilled. The passport size photo isn’t just a cropped candid photo, it has a number of requirements to make it acceptable to the passport office, so it is important that you take your photo with the help of a professional photographer who knows and follows all the rules as  a mistake may cause a delay in the processing
  3. The final step in this process is to confirm the fee to process that particular request to change details on the passport. To make a payment, you can use the online payment method via net banking, credit or debit cards. The SBI bank and its affiliates is one of the banks that s acceptable to the Passport Offices and the Indian consulate. After all this is completed, you should wait and finally when you get the passport, you should check to make sure that the change in the passport has been made or there are no additional errors in the passport.  

Ministry of External Affairs in India

There is a time decided by the passport authority to issue a new passport after applying, most of the applicant don’t have any idea about the time taken to get a new passport. Most of the applicants apply for passport have short of time and planned to travel abroad in short span of time and there is always a fear of passport rejection. You can read a different post which is on the passport application process time will help you to get an idea about consumption of time.

Also there is a related post on New Passport Application in case of Lost for the passport holders have lost or misplaced their passport and want to travel abroad or want to have a passport with them.

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