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How to Apply for a Pan Card Online in India – NSDL Officials

Online Application Procedure for a new Pan Card in India – Complete Information Guide by NSDL

It’s only from 2012 that you have got the luxury to apply for a PAN card application form online. Unlike those days when people had to stand in ques for their turn, this effective method can now be applied sitting comfortably at your homes. With only Rs. 106 as their fee, you can enjoy the entire process right from downloading the application form to getting it delivered at your mentioned address online.

Although a scan copy of the documents like e-aadhaar download is of utmost importance especially when you are applying for a new PAN card. If you are an HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) applicant and provide your communication address as your ‘office’, then while applying online you need to mention the Proof of your Office Address along with the proof of your residential address.

The following categories can put in an application form Online:

  • New PAN card for Indian as well as Foreign Citizens
  • Reprinted PAN card
  • Correction or Changes in PAN card
  • Transaction Status Enquiry
  • Status Track for PAN Application

Find below a step by step guide to help you download the application form online. This step by step guide is an example for applying for a new PAN card for the Indian Citizens. However the same procedure goes for other categories as well:

1) The first step is to go on this website https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/ which is supported by National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). You will arrive at a page which looks like the below:
Pan Card Application Online in India
2) Click on ‘New PAN for Indian Citizens (Form 49A)’ and you will arrive at a page as shown below:

Apply for Pan Card

3) You can brush through each topic as it will give you an insight of the same.

4) As you have read about each topic, click on ‘Online Application for New PAN (Form 49A)’. this will directly lead you to a page which looks like:

Online Pan Card Application

5) Arrive at the bottom of the page and select a category in which you lie. You can choose from the following categories as shown in the picture below. For this guide you can choose individual.

Pan Card Application

6) Even for ‘Apply for a new PAN card (for DSC user) just select on ‘Individual’. DSC stands for Digital Signature Certificate. This category is compulsory to select in order to avail for a PAN card online. DSC is basically required for PAN’s online registration as well as for verification purposes.

Steps to Apply for Pan Card Onine

7) After selecting the categories in each of the boxes, click on ‘Select’. After which a page will open which is the application form itself.

Pan Card Online

8) Everything that is asked in the form is clearly mentioned. Even the guidelines and instructions are mentioned on the top of the form before you get started. Read it once to avoid mistakes.

9) There are about 16 pointers under which you have the Bank details with which you would like to make a payment of Rs. 106.

10) The ‘Area Code’ along with the ‘AO type’, Range Code’ and the ‘Range Number’ are to be payed special attention. Since the asterisks on the same are in ‘red’ that means they are compulsory. In order to fill the same check below the steps as it is an computer generated method:

  • Right at the top of the page where it asks you ‘if you are a defence personnel select the appropriate category’. With ‘Army’, ’Navy’, ’Airforce’, ’Other Individuals’. Depending on your profession suit the category.

  • Within the same box there are other options for knowing your ‘AO details’. If you reside in India then click on an option that says ‘For non-international taxation AO details- Click here’. If you are a Non Resident Indians (NRI’s) or Person of Indian Origin (PIO’s) or an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI’s) must click on an option which says ‘For International taxation AO details- Click here’. (As an example we click on the first option for non-international citizens)

  • Once you click on it, an new tab will open which looks like the below:

NSDL Portal

  • You can read it for a better understanding or simply come at the bottom of the page and select the alphabet from which your City starts. For example : Select ‘M’ for Mumbai
Pan Card in India Online
  • Once you click on ‘M’ you will see a list of all the cities starting from M.

Pan Application
  • Select the desired City in which you reside (For example Mumbai) and it will lead you to a page which consists of the required codes based on your salary. You can only select on ‘One’ of the options listed below. So make sure you select the correct one.

Pan Card Registration Online in India

  • Once selected, you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Submit’. As you click on Submit, the Code boxes will automatically get filled which were marked with asterisks.

11) Finally, check the entire details once again before you submit the form.

12) Once you submit it, a page will open which would be headed by ‘Payment through Credit card/Debit card). And below that you will find your ‘Transaction Number’, ‘Name’, ‘Transaction Type’, ‘Amount’, ‘Payment Mode’. You can go through the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page if needed or simply select agree. As not many Indians like to waste much time on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ precisely.

13) Once you agree you will be taken to an X Banks payment gateway website where you would be asked to pin in your details of your card.

14) As you pitch in your details, click on ‘Next’ and you will arrive at a PDF file which would be your ‘acknowledgement receipt’.  

‘Acknowledgement receipt’ is the receipt which you would have to keep carefully in order sending an envelope with this receipt as well as your required documents as per the application form. Read the ‘Instructions’ below as you scroll down the receipt which will help you find the address that you have to send these details at. There is also a phone number mentioned, in case you find difficulty locating that place.

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With so many initiatives taken by the government it is now your time to act responsible.

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