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How to Apply for a New Passport in USA – US Passport Application

Get a new passport in United States with all the stepwise procedure to apply – Process Guide for the application of a new passport in USA

US Passport

United States of America is the biggest superpower in the world. Being a highly developed country it offers a number of opportunities to both citizens and non-citizens. US passport is one document that is applicable everywhere around the world except for a few countries. It is one of the best documents to own, especially in today’s time and age. You do not have to be citizen to get a passport. Anybody can apply for one.
Every citizen of the US must have a passport to travel internationally. Be it by sea, air or road, if you cross the border without a passport a high penalty will be charged. The US government is very strict when it comes to following the laws. This document serves as a concrete identity proof.

Application for US Passport

There are two types of passports in the U.S, passport card and passport book. Passport book is for international access, in case a U.S citizen wants to travel from border to border, i.e. Mexico or Canada he/she will only require a passport card. This too is authorized by U.S Department of State.
Passport for USA
Passports which are being recently created have the biometrics of individuals on them. As this has started just a few years back, people who made passports before the system of biometrics can use it till it expires. Expiration date for adults is 10 years after the passport is made and for teenagers under the age of 16, it is 5 years.
US passports are exclusively authorized by the U.S. Department of State. Individuals who already have passports of some other country can also apply for a passport in America.
By following these simple steps you can apply for your U.S. passport.
  1. Provide the Right Documents for Passport

To apply for a US passport, you will need a to provide an Identity Proof and a Proof of Citizenship.

As a Proof of ID you can submit

  • A birth certificate
  • If it is for renewal, then the previous passport

Individuals who are born outside of America may provide

  • Certification of citizenship
  • A consular report supporting the fact they are born abroad
  • Naturalization Certificate
  1. Fill out Form D-11

US Passport Application

For a passport application you need to fill out form D-11. This form requires you to fill in some basic

details like your name, age, address, social security number, place of birth etc. You can either fill this form manually or get it from the website. After filling the online form you will need to take a printout of it. This form will also ask you to fill in physical details like your height, colour of your eyes, etc. It is essential to match this information with your biometrics. After filling the form you need to attach a passport size picture on the form. This picture should clearly show your face and ears.

  1. Submit Hard copies of the right documents at the Passport Office

US Passport Documents

Once the form is filled documents stating your identity proof and proof of citizenship must be submitted as hard copies to a nearby passport authority. This is important as these documents will be registered in the official files of the U.S department of State.

  1. Pay the required Fee

Fees Structure of US Passport

Required minimum fee for a first time adult passport is $135. This is an expensive price to pay. This amount can be paid by cash, debit card, credit card, draft and cheque. If by any chance your passport gets rejected the fee will not be refunded.

Once all these steps are thoroughly followed the US passport will arrive and you will be officially allowed to travel internationally.

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