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How to Apply for a New Passport in Canada – Government of Canada [Governement du Canada]

Apply for a new Canadian passport with complete application details and requirements – Passport Canada Procedure Guide

A Canadian Passport is a travel document that is issued to Canadian citizens for them to be able to leave and re-enter their country and travel aboard for business or personal reasons. With his document and the appropriate visa documents, you will be able to travel to foreign lands and discover the world. This document provides the holder with some protection by the Canadian Government and the Canadian Consulate.

Application Procedure of Canadian Passport:

This document is issued by the Passport Canada, which is an independent government agency that along with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration and handles all the functions and responsibilities that go into issuing a passport to a citizen. This document like many in the world is valid for a period of 5-10 years depending on your age. Canadian Passports are not the personal property of the holder, but are the property of the Crown of Canada (i.e. the Government of Canada).

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To be able to apply for a passport, you need to be a Canadian Citizen and be of 16 years or older. 

Here is a list of procedures that you need to complete when you are applying for a passport:

  • The application form is available online on the official website of the Canadian Passport office: http://www.cic.gc.ca/ . The form needs to be printed out on a A4 size sheet filled out. Each page of the application needs to be signed for confirming authenticity.
  • You need to have a number of documents to corroborate the information that you have filled out on the application form. You need to provide a document that proves that you are a Canadian citizen, a document that proves and supports your identity, two identical passport photos (the name, complete address of the photographer, and the date that the actual photograph must be written on the back of one of the photos).
  • And any valid Canadian travel document can be submitted. 
  • You will need to provide additional documents of you have changed your name, replacing your old passport if you had lost, damaged or it got stolen. Or if you want to omit the place of birth on the passport.
Canadian Passport Application

All the above mentioned documents must be submitted in either French or the English Language. In the event that the documents are in any other language, you need to provide an official translation of the document along with the above mentioned original documents. For new passport applications, you need to find a guarantor to sign on your application, on the back of one of the photographs and on all the documents that you will be submitting. You also need to include the name of two people to act as references. These two people must have known you for more than two years and mustn’t be related to you in any way.

You can also apply for a new passport in US online. We all know that getting a VISA of any country on US passport is easiest and you get on arrival VISA for many places on USA Passport.

To continue on with the procedure, you will need to pay the processing fee, by either a Credit/Debit card, or a certified cheque or money order made out to the “Receiver General of Canada”. You might be eligible for a refund, if you cancel your application if you cancel the application, are refused a travel document or get a passport with a shorter validity period. If all else is in order, then you will be issued a Canadian Passport.

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