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How to Apply for a New Passport for a Minor – Passport Seva Kendra Officials

Get Passport for Children up to 18 years of Age – Validity of Passport in the case of minor and the essential documents required | Procedure Guide

A passport is that all important travel document that affords you the right travel out of country to most of the world for business or professional reasons. This document holds utmost importance to all those who hold it as it also serves as an international identification document in case one is in such a situation. The Passport Office and the Passport Seva Kendra are the two governmental regulatory authorities that are in charge of the entire front end and the back end functions.

Passport for children

Minors Passport Validity:

An applicant who is less than 18 years of age is considered to be a minor. Usually a minor has a passport validity of 5 years as compared to the 10 years of an adult, but an exception has been made for minors who are young adults i.e. 15-18 years of age, who can get their passport validity for the next 10 years. The procedure is a little different for a minor, but it isn’t complicated and it predicated on the documents of the parents/legal guardians.

If either parent of a minor holds a valid passport, with the name of the spouse endorsed, the passport can be issued without having an extensive police clearance section. If the spouse’s name isn’t endorsed on the passport, the parent can get it done by getting the passport re-issued and getting the name of the spouse endorsed. This is the advantage that you can gain from the name of either spouse is endorsed on the either ones passport. The exception has been made for passports of minors who are applying for the 10 year validity passport, as police verification is mandatory and just the submission of the parents passport doesn’t qualify for the police verification.

Passport for Minor

Passport Fees Structure

If you still require a passport, then apply under the tatkaal scheme. There is a difference in the fees that you will pay for the minor’s passport that is valid for 5 years and there is a difference in fees for the passport that is valid for the next 10 years or the tatkaal scheme. The fees can be calculated on the official site of passport: http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/fee/feeInput

Either parent legal guardian can apply for a minor’s passport. Minors below the age of 4 need to get a passport size photograph along with them, but minors above the age of 4 can get their photograph clicked at the Passport Office or the Passport Seva Kendra. There are certain requirements that are required for an approved passport size photograph and they all must be met in case you wish to continue the process without any problems.


Validity of minor passport and documents required

Here is the list of documents that are required for getting a minors passport:

  • A person needs to submit a passport size photograph which must be glued onto the form and get it notarized.
  • Notarized copies of the first two and the last two pages of both parents’ passports must be attached.
  • If either parent is deceased or are divorced, then a death certificate needs to be provided or the divorce decree needs to be provided as well. 
  • Age proof and proof of residence needs to be provided as those are the major documents.

The list of documents that need to be provided are pretty much the same as when an adult applies for a passport with a few exceptions.

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