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How to Apply for a New Australian Passport – APIS Officials

Get a new passport in Australia with the complete procedure of how to register yourself for the passport in the country of Kangaroos – Apply online for the Australian Passport

An Australian Passport is a travel document that allows the holder most likely an Australian citizen to travel abroad for business or pleasure. This document is issued by the Australian Passport Office under the Australian Passports Act of 20015. The Australian Passport Office comes under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 
You can hold multiple passports from other countries, but it is mandatory to use an Australian Passport to enter and exit the country. To make life simpler for travellers, the Australian Government has introduced e-passports/bio-metric passports which have an embedded micro-chip which has the same information that is on the passport and thanks to the card readers and facial recognition at the new Smart Gates, immigration has become faster.  
Australian Passport

Australian Passport Application

To apply for a new Australian Passport, you need to first obtain an application form from the Australian Post Office or call the Australian Passport Information Service (APIS) for assistance. You can also download the form online on the official government website and fill it out by hand in black ink. This is important as you cannot submit the form online. You need to print out the form on a international standard A4 size sheet. To submit the form, you have to attaché two identical color passport size photographs and a list of documents to support the information that is available on the application form.
Passport Registration in Australia

You need to fulfil few requirements when filling out the form and submitting it for the application:

  1. The attached passport size photos mustn’t be more than 6 months old
  2. You need to have a guarantor of the applicant. The guarantor must fulfill a certain number of requirements and those are a) he/she must be an Australian Citizen who is an adult i.e. be over 18 years of age, b) must have known the applicant for over a year, c) mustn’t be related to the applicant by birth, marriage, de facto or same sex relationship, or live at the applicants address, d) must possess an unexpired passport of their own with at least two years validity, and finally e) must endorse the back of one of the photographs by writing in black ink confirming the photograph of the applicant and their full name.
  3. The passport processing fee must be paid in full via MasterCard or Visa in Australia or if you are overseas, then you must pay the fee at the Australian Consulate.  An ordinary passport for an adult will cost around A$ 250 and the same will cost a child A$ 125.
  4. One of the final stages of the issual of the Australian Passport is the personal Interview. There you must bring a completely filled application form, two new passport sized photographs, one of them being endorsed by a guarantor, an original document that proves that you are an Australian citizen for e.g. your birth certificate and if you are born on of after 20th August 1986, proof of your parents Australian Citizenship. You also need to provide your original identity documents for e.g. your current drivers license and an original document that provides proof of name or proof of name changes in case that your name changes from your original birth certificate.
Apply for a new passport in Australia

With the help of all these documents, you can get your Australian Passport made to be used at your leisure.

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