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How Long does it take to get a new Passport | Time taken to Re-issue the Passport

Time taken by Passport Seva Kendra to issue a new passport and duration of process after application – Passport and VISA Division Officials


We need to first describe what a passport is: It is an international travel document that gives you the option to travel outside your primary country of residence. This document is an important as it also serves as an international identity card as it holds a lot of personal information on it that includes your full name, date of birth, primary residence proof and other important details on it. This document doesn’t serve as proof of citizenship in many countries, but it serves as the proof that you have your primary residence in said country.

You can hold multiple passports to signify that you have multiple countries of residence. This document is a popular choice for forgers because of its importance on the international level and countries have made it difficult to forge it by adding safety features such as a micro chip that also records all the same information on it.

There are many numbers of type of passports and one of the most important ones is the Tatkaal Passport as it allows you to get a passport under emergency circumstances and it is an important function to have.

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Issuing Passport is Time Consuming

The process of getting a new passport & re-issuing one takes a lot of time and energy n the part of the person trying to get it. Previously citizens would have to wait for long periods of time to get that document and this created a lot of problems for a number of people, so the Ministry of External Affairs has decided to step in and fix a time limit for the Passport authorities to do the needful. To get a new passport, then you have to wait for a maximum of 30 days and if you are getting your passport re-issued, then it should take a maximum time of 15 days. Expedited passports or tatkaal applications should take a maximum of 7 days.

Passport Process Duration

Passport Walk-in Services

Along with these time restrictions, all regional passport offices have been directed to introduce walk in services to further streamline the process the submission of documents. These walk in services will cater to all the types of Passport categories available for e.g. senior citizens, physically challenged, minors etc.


Time Taken to Issue Passport

There was a huge delay when it came to the issue of passports because of the sudden uptake in demand for new one. The major delay was found in the police clearance section of the process because of a number of reasons on behalf of the Police and the applicants themselves because of the delay in providing the documents and delay in confirming said documents. 

The process has been made more citizen friendly and the bureaucracy has been simplified. To counter the growing demand for passports, the government has introduced a larger number of Passport Seva Centers across the country in an effort to start and complete this service in a timely, transparent and reliable manner. Many more passport offices and Passport Seva Kendras have been set up and in the year 2011, they issued 74 lakh passports.

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