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Check Voter ID Card Status Online – By Name & Birth Date

Voter ID Card registration procedure has become way too simpler due to advent of technology, today from applying a voter card to checking its status can be done with the help of internet, all it needs you to go online visit a specific website and follow the simple process which we have mentioned in this article.

The Electoral Commission of India has shifted a big part of voter id card registration and things related to it. One such is checking Voter ID card status online, as we all know after applying for a voter card we wait upto 3-4 weeks to receive it at our door step so it is really important to keep track of your voter card.

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A Voter Card in
India comes to our hand through many ways like through brokers who charges unnecessary
fee for an exclusively free identity card, many get it through the surveyors
appointed by government to allot voter card and a population of smart people
get it themselves with the help of online registration, for a teen who turn 18
a voter card is most precious identity card which allows him/her right to vote
and permit things which adults do, we all know how government officials work in
their departments so the same lazy attitude of employees stays with election
commission of India too, even after having the advanced technology they take
upto 4-7 weeks in delivering voter id cards and no wonder in thr process the
lost it so to help our readers to deal with these lazy junkie fellows we are
sharing the guide on how to check Voter ID Card Status Online.

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How to Check Voter ID Card Status by Name Online

This is obvious you’ve already registered for
voter id card, so it should not take upto 2 months to reach your voter card in
your hand.
However you should consider tracking your
voter id card status for further communication and to keep record of progress, just
a note before taking you to the guide, your voter card status appears after
week of registration.
The main advantage of checking voter id
card status online is you don’t have to visit election officer every time just
to know the progress made in voter id card application, below we have stated
the information on how to check voter card status by name-
  • Begin the
    process of checking voter id card status by visiting the CEO website of
    your province for say if you’re from Bihar look for BIHAR CEO
  • Here
    click on links given on text like – Check Your Enrollment Status,
    Application Status, Election ID Status etc.
  • If you’re
    find any of the links as stated above click on it.
  • This will
    redirect you to another page containing a form which allows you to check
    voter id card, fill all the asked fields like name, date of birth,
    application no. etc. and click search button to check status of your voter
  • Here in
    the search result find you name and other information written in reference
    to your voter id card status.
Basically Status are checked to
keep the track of your Application, whether it is processing, approved,
rejected, transit, etc. so that you can act accordingly.

Hope this guide was helpful for our
readers, keep exploring to know more about your voter id card. 


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