How to Link Aadhar Card to Bank Account Online | Aadhar Card Link to SBI - ICICI - HDFC - PNB

Process online to link aadhar card to nationalized and private bank accounts of India to get benefit from various government schemes

Aadhar card is a unique identity proof of an individual with a 12 digit unique number. It serves both as a photo id as well as an address id. It can be used as identity in the fields of employment, education, for health care purposes or even as public and social security issues. It can be registered for free without any charges. It has many other useful benefits as well. One, it's most beneficial and important use is that it can be linked to an individual's bank account. Any person having the facilities of net banking can do so very easily through a short online procedure as described in

Aadhar Card Link to Bank Account

Why link the Aadhar Card to Bank Account online?

1) LPG subsidy is an important notion in every family these days. If the bank account is linked to the Aadhar card, then you can get the LPG subsidy amount directly credited to the bank account with which your Aadhar number is linked. There will no hassles of visiting the authorities to get the aforesaid credit.

2) If any student gets some scholarships from the Government or Government related agencies, then the scholarship amount will be directly transferred to any bank account linked with the student's Aadhar number.
3) The bank accounts can be accessed the whole country wise if the Aadhar card is linked with it. Money transfer to atm usage can be done from any city of choice irrespective in which city you are registered at.

These are some of the facilities you can avail if your Aadhar card and bank accounts are linked together. So to get your Aadhar card linked to your bank account you first need to approach your bank to know if such facility is allowed.

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Linking the Aadhar card to your bank account:

The following steps need to be followed to link your Aadhar card to the bank account through online banking

  • Log onto the Internet Banking account for your bank account. Choose the option 'Update Aadhar card details'. In some pages, you will find 'Aadhar card seeding' option. Click on that and open.
  • You will be required to enter your card details like the Aadhar number. Verify the details already shown on the screen before submitting the details. The data will be saved in the bank database. 
  • Once the data is processed, you will receive an email or SMS on your registered email id or mobile number from the respective authority. Your Aadhar card will be successfully linked to your bank account.

The following banks offer Aadhar Card Link service:

  • Aadhar Card Link to SBI 
  • Aadhar Card Link to HDFC
  • Aadhar Card Link to ICICI 
  • Aadhar Card Link to Axis Bank 
  • Aadhar Card Link to PNB
  • Aadhar Card Link to IDBI
  • Aadhar Card Link to Andhra Bank
  • Aadhar Card Link to Bank of Baroda
  • Aadhar Card Link to Union Bank of India

Procedure to Link Aadhar Card to SBI

SBI as we all know is the India's largest bank giving it's services all over the country from metro cities to rural areas including small villages having uncountable ATMs located at every public places. Given below are the steps to link aadhar card SBI saving bank account online:
  • Log-in to SBI internet banking account through this link
  • Under Service Requests on your monitor screen you will get the option to link your aadhar card
  • Select your saving bank account number from the drop-down list under aadhaar seeding option
  • Enter your aadhar card number consist twelve digits with your e-mail and registered mobile number
  • Once you submit your request, it will reach upto SBI branch and they will verify your details given to them
  • After successful verification of your data, you will be informed via e-mail or SMS on your mobile number

Online Steps to Link Aadhar Card to HDFC Bank Account

Most of the people having saving bank account in private banks have their account in HDFC Bank due to unlimited offers and quick customer service. This bank is very active in the metro and smart cities capture whole of corporate sector. Follow the steps below to link aadhar card to HDFC Bank Saving account:
  • Visit HDFC online banking through and login via username/ password given to you by bank branch
  • Find the Aadhar Card Seeding option on your online banking homepage
  • Enter your aadhar number after selecting your saving bank account you are willing to link
  • Fill your mail-id and phone number and click on submit button
  • You will receive the notification at your internet banking message box, once bank will successfully verify your details

How to Link Aadhar Card to ICICI Bank Account using Internet Banking

This bank has the highest turnover in private banking sector and one among the oldest bank established in India. ICICI is the private bank has maximum number of branches all over the world.
Users have their account in ICICI bank can easily link aadhar card to saving account by following the enclosed below seeding process:
  • Initiate by login to ICICI Bank Internet Banking through channel
  • Select Customer Service
  • Click on Service Request
  • Go to Bank Account Service Request
  • Modification Related under Account Details
  • Now select Aadhar Number Update Request in Saving Bank Account
  • Enter your aadhar number following other aadhar details
  • Now click to submit request for linking process and you will be done

Online Banking Process to Link Aadhar Card to Axis Bank Account

It is the first bank of private sector got license under RBI new guidelines in 1993 and also is the first private bank launched a branch at China in 2014. Axis Bank is capturing the Indian market very quickly and also provides 24*7 customer care services to it's customers. Indian citizens having the account in Axis bank would be curious to know the linking procedure of aadhar card to bank, that is just couple of minutes away from you. Follow the linking details as under:
  • If you have an active internet banking account with Axis bank, login with your Account number and customer ID on
  • On the homepage of you internet banking screen, choose Link Aadhar Card to Bank 
  • Provide your complete aadhar card details include your 12 digits aadhar number and email ID etc
  • Submit you seeding request by giving a single click on connect radio box, don't forget to review your details provided before submitting the application

Online Aadhar Card Seeding to Punjab National Bank (PNB) Saving Account

PNB has more than 80 million customers from 764 cities and has more than 6300 branches and ATMs over 7900 for the ease of their customers. Banker's Almanac declared PNB as 248th heaviest bank among all the banks all over world. Below are the Guidelines to link PNB saving bank account with aadhar card:
  • Login the internet banking account with the help customer ID and Passcode on this webpage
  • Select the option "Update your Aadhar Number with Bank Account"
  • Fill your name, aadhar number and other details in the relevant boxes
  • Copy the Captcha code in the blank box 
  • Click on submit radio box and your linking request will be processed by bank after effective verification

Many other banks offer the above service as well. You just need to check the bank website for such details. You need to avail internet banking service to link your Aadhar card to the bank account online.

In case internet banking is unavailable it is best to go to the bank branch and fill in the details of the form provided there for linking the Aadhar card to the bank account.
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