What measures to take if you have lost your Voter ID Card - Missing Voter ID Card

What to do if you have lost your voter id card - the complete process to reapply for voter id card and complaining process to avoid any misuse of voter id

Missing Voter ID

In a democracy, the citizens have power in choosing who governs them for a particular period of time. They do this by casting what is known as a vote. A vote is a citizen’s fundamental right that he/she is excepted and obliged to exercise whenever a civic election at any level is held.

For a Government to be formed, a vote is the only currency that can be used by the citizen. It is imperative that every citizen of India casts his/her vote so that he/she actively participates in the process of Democracy.

What is a voter ID?

A Voter ID is a mandatory ID that any citizen is required to possess to cast his/her vote. The voter ID also makes sure that your vote is registered to your name and the election commission is able to keep track of that. A voter ID also makes it easier for the system to function and make sure to have the required statistics of the whole process.

How to acquire voter ID?

Measures in case of Lost Voter ID

The process of acquiring a voter card is simple. All you have to do is fill out a form called the ‘Form-6’. This form is available at your local municipal corporation office. You fill have to fill out the required details along with the required documents. The documents that you submit are proofs of your residence, age and citizenship of India. These are of course required so that you are thoroughly verified as a citizen of India. The forms are available online at the official Government website for voting related issues. This form also will have to be filled and submitted along with copies of the relevant documents. You will be called to the municipal office of your zone for the verification process. Keep in mind that only two cancellations of appointments are allowed.

Fraud voter ID

Voter ID Frauds

In India the availability of fraud voter IDs has become an issue. This happens because of certain anomalies in the system and the way it functions. If you change your residence then your voter ID will be invalid in that new place unless you register yourself in your new locality’s municipal ward as a voter. Your name will appear in the voting list of your previous residence and this is how fraud voter cards are made available to the general populace.

Lost voter ID

If you lose your voter ID then you will have to lodge a missing report online or at your municipal ward. You will be required to fill out a duplicate voter ID card issuance form. This can be submitted for a duplicate of your voter ID. But before you will need to file an FIR and attach a copy of it while submitting your form. Once this is done, you can submit the form at your relevant municipal ward office and then you will promptly be given a fresh copy of your voter ID which will be acceptable from then on, for voting.
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What measures to take if you have lost your Voter ID Card - Missing Voter ID Card

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