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Online download procedure of voter id form 6 - Online and Offline form submission at NVSP and CEO Office

Voter ID Form

Form 6 is required for the following two purposes:

  • To register your name in the electoral roll of your constituency for the first time
  • To register your name in the electoral roll of a constituency where you are staying temporarily especially if your name is already registered in the roll of another constituency.
If you need to fill Form 6 for any of the reasons mentioned above, it can be done in two ways- online and offline.

Complete Voter ID Form 6 online

Online filling of Form 6 is accepted by the Electoral Registration Officer of India. You can complete the Voter ID Form 6 online easily, and completely avoid the hassle of long queues in the registration offices. However, for this you will need scanned copies of the following documents:
  • Your passport sized photograph. This photograph should have a bright background and your face should be properly visible in it. Keep it in the size 3.5cm x 4.5cm
  • Proof of Identity. This can be your pan card, aadhaar card, driving license or voters ID card
  • Proof of Address. This can be your aadhaar card, driving license, passport or voters ID card
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Once you have the scanned copies of these documents ready, proceed with the following steps:

National Voters Service Portal

  • Fill in the details carefully, starting with selecting your state and constituency.
  • In the first part of the form, you have to enter your name and surname in both English and regional language, which will be hindi. To type your name in hindi, make use of the popped up online keyboard. 
  • Then fill in your date of birth. Only if you don’t know your date of birth, enter your age in years and months
  • Details of place of birth should match with the details in your birth certificate or passport.
  • Next enter father’s/mother’s/husband’s name and surname. Again you have to compulsorily type in both English and hindi. Select the correct relation.
  • Enter correctly the details of your current address, and details of your family members already enrolled in any electoral roll.
  • Then upload the scanned copies of documents.
  • In the declaration section, select the date from which you are residing in your current address. This date can also be tentative. Select whether you are registering for the first time or your name has been enrolled earlier. 
  • Finally, fill in the place and date of registration and then click on submit.

At any point of filling the form, you need to pause, click on “save”. Your form will be saved in your computer and later whenever you open the website again, this file will be retrieved.

This form will be verified by officers visiting your place of residence. Once the verification is complete, you will get your Voter ID and your name will be enrolled successfully.

Voter ID Form 6 Offline

Offline forms have to be submitted to the Chief Electoral Officers of your states. Follow the following steps:
Voter ID Form 6

  • Print the form and fill it properly.
  • Attach a photograph and photocopies of required documents as mentioned in page 6 of the form.
  • Submit it to the nearest Electoral Office of your constituency.

You will later be called to collect your voter ID.

Hope this article helps you to be able to vote for a better India.
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