How to Register for a New VOTER ID CARD in the state of {"Goa"} - {"Online Application Process"}

Apply for VOTER ID Card in Goa - Complete procedure to register for voter id online

To have a voters’ ID card is imperative to vote in India. You need to be above the age of 18 years to obtain a voters’ ID card or Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC). Elections take place every five years in this country. And as a responsible citizen of the country one should vote to decide the political future of India.

Election Commission of India

Importance of Voter ID Card

This card acts as a major source of identity for every person in this country. It can act as an important proof in almost all the purposes. It also acts as your photo ID proof and also as an effective residential proof. Thus, all you need to be is above 18 years and you can easily generate the ID by just staying at your own place, only using the computer. 

Online process to get Voter ID CARD

The Chief Electoral Officer of Goa maintains the official website from where you can download the form to get yourself registered in the electoral list. The procedure is quite easy and clear to understand.

Forms Requirement and Application Process

Visit the official website maintained by Goa Government i.e. Once you go online, download the form 6. Fill in the appropriate details such as your name, address and the likes. Make sure you follow the instructions listed in the form carefully. By using your username and password, you can easily visit the application again to make changes if something goes wrong.

Chief Electoral Officer Goa

If you have never enrolled in the list, select the option “My name is not included in the enrolled list before” and select your Assembly Constituency. You need to select the relatives or family members in the list who are already enrolled. You can get their details once you select the names.

If the family members are not in the list, then you need to fill their details appropriately in the form. Download the form to fill all the appropriate details with utmost accuracy. Follow the instructions carefully. Once the details are filled, upload your passport size photograph on the form. Print the form to send it to the electoral centre. Expect an officer to visit your residence to verify your details. The application id will be used to go back to your form to change your details if something is wrong.
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