How to Register for a [''New VOTER ID'] Card in U.P. - State Election Commission of [''Uttar Pradesh"]

Application for a new voter id card in Uttar Pradesh with complete details of how to apply?

Online facility to get register for a new VOTER Card in U.P. State

Election Commission of India is providing online facility to register for a new VOTER ID card by visiting the appropriate website. Their main aim is to offer comfort and convenience to all the users residing anywhere. You can apply and register for new VOTER card by clicking on the official site of their concerned state and get the right to vote.

Voter ID Online U.P. is the official site of the election board to get registered for VOTER ID card in Chhattisgarh state. The whole website is managed and maintained by the team of State and National Informatics Centre. The website provides all types of information related to the election and previous/existing parties along with the details of members. Thus, log on to the main page to get the relevant information.

Documents Requirement for Registration Process

The user must have permanent address proof of Uttar Pradesh state. He/she must be also above 18 years having proper address proof with their name written in Ration Card. A birth/10th class certificate of U.P. board or C.B.S.E. board is also needed. A form 6 is present in the site and to fill the form any one family member must possess VOTER ID card.

Procedure to Register for VOTER ID card

Chief Electoral Officer Uttar Pradesh
All the options related to registration process get displayed on the website where details of electoral list are given by Election Commission of India and the CEO of Uttar Pradesh. Select the right registration option from the main page, move to the next page and register with unique username and password.

For new registration, download Form 6 and fill all the relevant details. Save the same or take print out of all the filled details for your own convenience. Upload all the mandatory documents mentioned above in the Form 6.

The form is received by the CEO (Chief Electoral Officer) of the State and the BDO (Booth Level Officer) visit the specific person’s address to review/verify the documents. After the confirmation, they shall issue an acknowledgement, after which you can collect the VOTER ID card from the office.

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VOTER ID CARD Update - How update already filled form?

Login the website with username and password and fill the appropriate form to make some changes in the existing form. An option is present in the form in order to make change or re-correct the detail by following the small steps in just few seconds. All the additional changes get immediately updated on the website and you can also view the updated form.

There are several fake sites available on the web. Thus, make sure to fill the details on the website . For further enquiry, you can call at toll free number 1950 or visit the head office of Uttar Pradesh as the staff is really user-friendly. There is no payment option mentioned in the above site and you will get VOTER ID card for free. It is easy for all the users to fill the form, as you can easily suit yourself in many languages including English, Hindi and the present regional languages. 

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