How to register for a new {"VOTER ID CARD"} in Gujarat - {"State Election Commission Gujarat"}

Apply for a new VOTER ID card in the state of Gujarat - Voter registration in Gujrat with complete application procedure

With the onset of technology in this era, every product and service is going online. So is the provision of VOTER ID card. It has made the process easier and simpler. With a simple click on your laptop, you can now easily get the VOTER ID card delivered at your place. This online portal is maintained by Election Commission of India in association with the state governments. This makes the process accessible to every citizen who cannot reach the centres physically.

Voter ID Card Online Gujarat

Procedure to get VOTER ID CARD in Gujarat

Visit the official website to get your card in the state of Gujarat. On the webpage, you will have to choose from options. To register yourself in the electoral list, select the ‘Online VOTER Registration’ option. The directed page will give you the electoral list, where you can check if your name is there on the list or not. If not, get yourself enrolled. You need to sign up using a username and password. This will help you log into the site later.

Chief Electoral Officer GujaratDownload the Form 6 to add your name in the list. Form 7 is for deleting the names from the electoral list. And Form 8 is required for changing any information in the list.
If you are a new VOTER, fill the Form 6 with appropriate details like your name, address and district name. Fill the details properly and follow the instructions. Once the form is filled get a print out. Upload all the essential documents on the website. Mail this document to the official centre. They will send you the VOTER ID card at your address specified in the form.

If you have any further doubt or query call 1950.

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If you have filled any wrong detail in the form, go back to the application and make the changes. The changes will be altered in the list as well. Use the application id to check the status of your VOTER card and go back to make alterations.

VOTER ID Verification

After the submission of the forms to the centre, you should expect a visit from the BLO to check your details especially your residence. The BLO will give you an acknowledgement slip. The slip is required to receive the VOTER’s ID card from the office on the given date.
Every citizen of India above the age of 18 years should have their name enrolled in the election list. It is an important card and serves many commitments. 

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