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What is the procedure to apply for VOTER ID CARD in the state of Chhattisgarh India - State Election Commission Chhattisgarh | Voter ID online registration

Now a days every product or service is finding a space for itself online. VOTER’s ID card provision by the government is not far behind. This has been generated due to the ease and convenience it ensures. For all the aspiring VOTER ID respondents, visit the correct website generated by the particular state of your residence. 

New Voter ID Card Chhattisgarh

In order to gain the card in Chhattisgarh, there exists an official site: This website is produced, maintained and handled by the state government in association with the National Informatics Centre. This site even provides information regarding the state election scenarios including party information and candidate details.

Registration Requirements

It is recommended by the Election Commission of India for any citizen above the age of 18 years to enrol their name in the voting list. The individual must have a permanent residence in Chhattisgarh to enrol in the region. You also require a proper photo id along with an address. It is imperative for one member of the family to have the VOTER ID. It is also essential for specification in the Form 6. For your date of birth proof you need the birth certificate or 10th certificate of Chhattisgarh Board to enrol.

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How to apply VOTER ID CARD online?

There exists an online portal containing the electoral list. The website which is maintained by the Election Commission of India and CEO of Chhattisgarh also specifies the process of enrolment. They entertain every doubt or apprehensions related to VOTER ID registration. Visit the website ( You shall find all the options and process listed clearly.
Chief Electoral Officer ChhattisgarhTo apply online, select the online registration option. It will take you the next page where you can enrol yourself by entering a username and password. This will act as your login id to the site. Once you login, straight away download the Form 6 if you are a new respondent. Fill in the details with care and accuracy. Do follow the specified instructions. After filling the details, take a print out of the form. This will take you to the next step. Upload the essential documents like photo id, residence proof, birth certificate and a copy of the form 6.

VOTER ID Verification Process

This form shall be entertained by the CEO of Chhattisgarh. Your verification shall follow the process. Expect a visit from a booth level officer at your residence. They will review your original documents too. Once verified, you will get an acknowledgement slip from them. By showing that slip at the office you will finally receive your VOTER ID card.

VOTER Update

If you made a mistake in entering your details, do not panic. Go back to the site and to your application. You can easily make the changes there. You would not need much time to achieve this important task especially with the onset of the online systems. Your details will be soon updated in a short interval and you can even check it out there and then.

Beware of con sites since many exists nowadays. Fill your forms only at For any other doubt or query, you can physically visit the head office of Chhattisgarh too. Assistance is also available at 1950 number. The website should be enough though. It is clear, simple and user friendly. The best part about it is the option of languages that are available to fill the form. You can choose between English, Hindi or even your local dialect.
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