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Apply online for a duplicate voter id card within the electoral district India - Chief Electoral Officials

In a nation like India, where determining one’s citizenship is generally via a VOTER ID CARD, it can get extremely difficult upon losing this invaluable treasure! This powerful ID card is not only meant for allowing a prospective voter to exercise his or her fundamental right of casting a vote but also registers an adult citizen in our nation. In addition to voting, this ID card accounts for validity and makes for a solid identity proof. Perhaps now it makes sense what plight will a person be in, if he or she happens to lose the card.

Duplicate Voter ID Card

How to Apply for a Duplicate Voter ID Card?

The Chief Election Commission officers and the respective distributed booth level heads issue this card to voters only after the application procedure is completed and has been verified. Now if this card is lost somehow, the incapability to vote in elections is obvious, but what adds to the hassle is getting a duplicate of the same to ‘exercise the franchise’. If you know of someone who has had the misfortune of going through this phase or you have battled through this crisis, there are certain things that need to be done. Receiving the duplicate copy is only possible after you submit the insurance form of the respective duplicate VOTER ID CARD from the office of the election commission that is in close proximity from your place. Alternatively, you can download the form online from the website itself, a measure adopted by most people these days.

Detailed Process of Voter ID Card

VOTER ID CARDNeedless to say, the loss of a voter ID card occurs during traveling or thefts, though the former accounts for the most part. However, it won’t be incorrect to say that misplacing VOTER ID CARDS is uncommon. Also, some people are so careless towards these crucial documents that accidental damages may cause them to apply for a new one. Thanks to the present system, a solution to this problem won’t take long. Upon finding that one has lost the card, applying for a duplicate is the first thing to do. In addition to that, few other steps must be taken to complete the process of getting the voter ID card’s duplicate:
  • Always make an FIR after the loss
  • For proceedings that can occur later, the FIR copy must be kept safe and secure
  • Collect Form 002 for issuance of voter ID card’s duplicate
  • Take care to see that the form is filled up in every section that is required
  • Attach the FIR copy along with the form
  • You can also attach any other relevant document photocopy or even carry it, certifying your identity proof (passport, driving license and the like)

Now when you are done by enclosing the documents, visit your regional chief election commission office and submit the file. You will get a receipt in return. If you visit online, checking the status of your duplicate Voter ID card and finding the expected time of the actual voter ID card’s delivery will be a cakewalk. So make haste in completing the task.

Online Procedure to Apply for a Duplicate Voter ID Card

Another easy process is checking out the site. Log on to the election commission website and fill up Form 002 with the correct details after downloading. Now attach the FIR and identification proofs or other mandatory documents and simply submit to the local election registration office. 

Be wary of seeing that all such vital papers are attached and submitted only to the office of the election commission, failing which may result in not getting the duplicate voter ID card. NRIs are not barred from receiving the same, so why should proper citizens who care to submit everything correctly?

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when i can submit the fir form along with my documents when i lost my voter id card

when i can submit the fir form along with my documents when i lost my voter id card

where i can submitt fir form along with my documents when i lost my voter id card

where i can submitt my fir form along with documents

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