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Online download voter id card in India - Complete procedure | Election Commission of India

Elections in India are held every 5 years. These elections compel every citizen who is above the age of 18 years to participate. An individual can only vote if he is registered with the ECI, i.e if he has a registered Voter ID.  The Electoral Commission of India is responsible for the smooth management of the electoral process. Every decision regarding the elections are taken by the ECI. This authority was initially handled solely by the Chief Election Officer of India but eventually got distributed equally with the ECI. This in return lead to smooth functioning of the electoral process.
This ID earlier had to be made through the traditional ways of standing in a que, manually filling a form, and by adhering to many such tedious processes. Fortunately now this process has become online. An individual can create a Voter’s ID with just a few simple clicks. Online registration has been widely accepted by Indians even in the rural area. This system has increased the number of Voter ID card registrations amongst youth. It has also increased awareness of the importance of voting and electing the right political party.
A large number of people are now participating in elections and encouraging others to do so too.

Election ID Card Download Guide Online

India comprises of 28 states, it thus becomes difficult to overlook the functioning of all the states together. Hence, Every state has a separate website, which is customized for the residents of that state. The pages of these websites can be translated in the local language.
By following a few simple steps you can create a registered Voter’s ID, once this is done you can take a print out of the ID. Please remember you cannot download a soft copy of the ID due to security reasons, printing it out is the only option.

Before downloading you can also get the Voter ID Card Status Online and you can update your address and other details before downloading the Voter ID.

These simple steps will help you printout your Voters ID and let you use it in the future:

  1. Log on to the website Electoral Commission website of India or the regional website on which you have registered your Voter’s ID.

CEO Andhra Pradesh - Step 1
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  1. The next step is to click on the SEARCH YOUR NAME tab. Once you click on it, the page will prompt you to fill in your details. After the filling the details click the search button.

CEO Andhra Pradesh - Step 2
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  1. When you click search all your Voter ID details will appear on the screen. On the right hand corner your will see a PRINT option.
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  1. On clicking the PRINT option the Voter ID card will be enlarged on the screen and another PRINT option will appear. Before you click this button be sure to have a plain paper ready inside a printer. The minute you give a print command your Voter ID card will be printed.

CEO Andhra Pradesh - Step 4
Downloading a voter’s ID is as easy and quick as that. Do not waste time in making your Voter’s ID card. The minute you or anyone you know turns 18, log on to the ECI website or the website of your state and register as an official Voter of India.
Please Note: The images in this article are strictly for representation purpose only. It may vary from state to state.
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