How to Change the Address of your Existing {"VOTER ID CARD"} - Address Correction within same Electoral District

Online address correction of your voter id card within the Electoral District - Election Commission of India Officials

Residential address is a very important part of a VOTER CARD. You will not be able to get your voter card at your place if the address in the voter card will not be correct. One must make changes if there are any discrepancy related to the residential address on the voter ID card.

VOTER ID CARD is treated as a very important document in India as it also acts as national identity proof. Its holders can be verified anywhere in India, only if they are having voter cards with them. But for getting their voter ID cards, they must go through the registration and verification process. To avoid any sort of confusion, the electoral commission of India has introduced many forms for different sorts of corrections. Candidates can choose the forms relevant to the updates that they want to be made with new details.

What information is required for applying?

We all know that India is divided into various constituencies and there is a well maintained record for each section of constituency. Constituency is also present at the district level. They are further divided into various polling booths at the time of elections. Polling booths are places where people, who have their names in the voters list, come to cast their vote.
The election commission of India had appointed CEO for every state which plays a very important part in the election. The website of CEO contains various numbers of links which can take the candidate to various forms, which are needed to make changes in the VOTER ID CARD. Corrections could be related to anything, it may be correction in name, correction in address or any other significant correction.
For e.g.: If the applicant wants to get the address changed in your VOTER ID CARD, then he must apply to change it by filling form number 8A.
Form number 8A is designed for the purpose of change in residential address. Remember this form can only be used if there is any problem with the address being printed in your voter card. Candidates just have to follow few easy steps to get the work done.

The first part of the form should be filled like:

  • Serial number of the voter list along with the part number by which you are already registered
  • Photo identity card of the elector
  • Name of relation

The second part of the form should be filled with:

  • The new residential address which you want, to be there, in your voter card

The third part of the form will include:

  • The number of your new residential address or may be the nearest polling booth to that place

It is necessary to fill the form correctly and submit it with all the necessary proofs of the new residential address. Any other documents like phone bills, rent bills or electricity bills can also be added to the form along with the photocopy of the existing voter ID card.

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