How to Apply for a New Voter ID Card in the state of ["Haryana"] - Election Commission of India Registration Guide

Application process of new voter id card in Haryana, India - Complete details to register voter id

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This VOTER ID is given to us by the Electoral Commission of India. The ECI has the ultimate authority over every aspect of the electoral process. From the polling booths to the regulations of each state, every trivial rule is passed once it has been approved by the ECI.  Avery few know this but when the online registrations had started the entire process was under the Chief Electoral Officer but eventually the ECI was pulled in to share the responsibility.
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Apply Online - Voter ID for Haryana State

The online registration process is slightly different in all 29 states. Haryana is considered to be a holy land, where the Mahabharat took place. It is also the second richest state in India. Just like New Delhi, Haryana also runs on strong political influences. It is charged with political power and is one state that casts a large number of Votes. Every citizen of India must start voting at the age of 18 years. In order to vote you must have a registered Voter’s ID. To register for an online Voter’s ID in Haryana,  all you have to do is follow these instructions carefully.
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Online Registration Step-guide for Voter ID in Haryana

  1. Log on to the official website that takes care of the electoral processes in Haryana. This link will take you to the Home Page containing a lot of information. The Electoral  Commissions India website is quick and easy to use. It also has the ability to translate the page in the Hindi.
State Election Commission Haryana

  1. After logging on to the website you will be instructed to create an account by filling in your email ID and mobile number. A verification code will then be sent to your mobile number. Once this is done your account is created.
  2. Sign into the account and look for FORM-6 . This form will ask you to fill in details like your residential address, age, sex, etc. You will also have to upload a passport sized scanned photograph along with address proof and age proof. When you press submit, you will receive a registration number.
Voter ID Form 6

  1. When you have completed the online registration, send a hard copy of the same documents along with your signature to the Electoral Office. A Booth Level Officer will then visit your house and make sure the address given in the form, exists.
  2. IF the Officer gives a positive feedback, you will receive your Voter’s ID card in no time and will be officially eligible to vote.
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In the old days, registering for a Voter’s ID was a tedious task. Filling end number of forms, several rounds to the electoral office, long ques and what not. Due to this the number of individual who voted were very less. Just the sheer thought of going through such a lengthy process was tiring, which is why the Indian Government decided to make the registration process online. This has encouraged a large number of people to vote. There has been a substantial rise in the number of voters amongst youth. And a lot of awareness all over the nation.
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