How to Apply for a new VOTER ID CARD in Maharashtra - Complete Procedure

Complete procedure to apply for a new VOTER ID CARD in Maharashtra - State Election Commission Maharashtra

VOTER ID cards are the clear indicators of freedom of choice for the Indian citizens of the country. Thus the application of it includes a large coverage of people residing in the country. The Election Commission of India has the monopoly of issuing VOTER ID card, and it is due to this that it has
created online sites for the states of this country only for enrolling the applicants’ names in the VOTER list.

Procedure to apply for VOTER ID CARD

The Maharashtrians can now easily register for VOTER ID cards by visiting the provided site, which are As the site shall be loaded, the applicant would be required to enter his/her mobile number and the respective email ID. After he/she enters the above details, he/she will be provided with a unique ID or password. Then they can use the unique ID and password to download the form no.6.

Any person who has attained the Universal Adult Age, that is of 18 years can fill in the details and submit their forms and would be thus eligible to register for VOTER ID.

What are the documents required?

Any VOTER moving to other state can also update for a change of address. Once the application is filled, the applicant is required to scan their age proof, residence, proof of VOTER ID card of any one family member and recent passport size photograph, since these would be necessary for verification of the applicant by election commission of India.

Chief Electoral Officer Maharashtra

Voters Responsibilities

After the form 6 is submitted and verified, then BLO (Booth Level Officer) will visit the applicant’s place and would further give him/her an acknowledgement slip. Thereby, the applicant will be informed when their VOTER ID card shall be ready. If the desired applicant cannot open the site, the respective person can easily download it from the link

The site has an option to search for the applicant’s name in the list by entering his/her name, district and appropriate state .He/She can also visit the nearest ECI officer or the present local political party. For further details you can also call on helpline number .9225320011 or you can also send SMS as VOTER MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai) his/her age to 56677.

Once the applicant gets his/her VOTER ID card, making good use of it becomes easier.

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