Read All the Essential Details You Need to Know About Online Verification of Ration Card

Ration Card in India is distributed under the Public Distribution System (PDS) by the Food and Civil Supplies Department.

The Indian Government has implemented different methods to check our ration card verification online. Now-a-days it has become very easy to verify new registrations of ration cards or the issue of a duplicate ration card.

Online verification, a necessary must for all, provides the card holders the facility of checking whether their registered ration cards are uploaded or not.

So now you can verify your card details while enjoying the comforts of your home. If a person is enlisted then s/he has valid documents to prove that s/he is a ration card holder and therefore should furnish those document details in order to complete the request.

All the users who visit official government sites for the purpose of verification are required to reconfirm the requisite details they fill in their application forms before submitting--since any minor mistake can lead to rejection of application form.

The process of verification involves a few easy steps to be followed by the candidate.

An applicant can either fill and submit the ration card verification structure by hand or fill the application of ration card verification on the website.

S/he needs a few documents with the application type of ration card in order to submit ration card verification structure.

Government division inspector will then check the verification form filled in by the applicant in the ration card verification structure.


On the completion of all procedures, the applicant will get a receipt if government or assessor supports his/her ration card verification.

If the verification is approved, the applicant will get an acknowledgement number in order to track ration card verification online.

However, in the event that it is not approved or any sort of misstep is found in the card at the time of verification, then the applicant can get to know the verification status of ration card within the span of one month. That receipt would clarify the status of verification.

The applicant can get ration cards following one month. However, if it’s found that certain information furnished by the applicant are false or not proper, or a few flaws are found in the records, s/he needs to visit the website again to fill in the genuine status of his/her ration card.

The following is a list of some of the official state government websites to verify ration card status online:

Website Links
Tamil Nadu, Chennai
Andhra Pradesh
Karnataka, Bangalore
Maharashtra, Mumbai
Arunachal Pradesh

The Indian ration card is mainly used for purchasing subsidized food items such as rice, wheat, and fuel (kerosene, LPG or Liquified Petroleum Gas).

It is an important subsistence tool for the have-nots and underprivileged people, providing not only identity proof but also a connection with government databases.

India's Public Distribution System (PDS) operates based on the ration card, including its functions of eligibility, identity and entitlement. However, the eligibility criteria required to apply for ration cards have undergone changes in the past years.

The applicant therefore should not face any problems while applying for ration card verification online.

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