How to Link Aadhar Card with Ration Card Online - GOI Instructions

Ration Card link to Aadhar Card online to avail ration facility from Government of India

A ration card is not only a unique identity card but also a mode of connection to the Government database. A ration card provides food items and LPG at a subsidized rate. One ration card is provided per family which bears the residential details along with a unique number. It generally holds the picture of the eldest member of the family. The Aadhar card can be linked to the ration card.

Aadhar Card Link to Ration Card Online

What is the benefit of linking the Aadhar card to ration card?

The ration card is an important document which gives the holder a large number of facilities. But in recent times it is seen that there are many fraudulent activities taking place with the Ration card details. Due to this many actual Ration card holders are not being able to enjoy the privileges they deserve. In order to curb such fraud and unethical activities many states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Utter Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, Bihar, etc. are implementing the option of linking the ration cards to Aadhar cards.

Aadhar card contains a unique 12 digit number which serves as identity proof. So the Government hopes that if the Aadhar number is linked to the ration cards then the number of fraudulent activities will go down. Linking the Aadhar card to the ration card is a simple online process that can be done easily in a few steps. You just need your Ration card number to do so.

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The following are the steps to link Aadhar card to ration cards:

  • You need to visit the website which deals with Aadhar seeding
  • The first thing that will meet your eye is a 'start now' button. Click on this button. You will be asked to provide your address, state and district. Please enter the exact details as mentioned on the Aadhar card or else your request will not be processed.
  • Next you will be given an option called 'benefit type.' Here you need to choose ration card from the drop down box which will appear on the screen. On choosing the ration card option, you will be asked to provide your ration card number. Type in the ration card number as it appears on your card. 
  • Next line of details required will be your Email id, Aadhar card number, and mobile number. Please make sure all the details match the ones provided on your Aadhar card. 
  • You will be sent a One Time Password (OTP) to your mobile number provided to them. Type in the OTP and verify all the details on the screen. Submit the details.

The process is complete at your end. The details will then be verified and processed by the appropriate authorities. Once the processing is complete and you Aadhar card and ration card are linked you will receive a mail and SMS on your email id and the mobile number provided to them. In the case of any discrepancies too, you will be notified by email or a letter will be sent to your postal address provided to them.
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