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Check Aadhar Card Status online if you have not received your aadhar card or delayed by UID to issue you a aadhar card - Current Aadhar Card Processing Status

  • An Aadhar card is an unique identification card given to you by the central government of India. It is a card that is responsible for your individuality in this country. Based on the biometric system of recognizing this card is actually provided in 16 states of India now. To go to the site, you can visit
Aadhar Card Status Online

How to apply for your Aadhar card:

An appointment has to be made with the regional office. Once that date is given, the person has to personally visit the regional office and get the application process completed. In this process, the person has to present their documents to the verifier and then get their retina and fingerprint scanned. They also have to get their signature scanned. The details provided by them would be verified and then after the verification process is over they can get their Aadhar card mailed to their homes. In between the verification process, one feels the necessity of checking their Aadhar card status then,

This is how step by step they can check their status online:

  • At first you need to visit the official page of Aadhar card.
  • Then you need to visit the ‘Status’ page on the website.
  • You would be given an acknowledgement slip at the regional centre itself while you went there to apply for it. You need to keep this particular slip handy because there would be a box visible asking for this particular acknowledgement slip number.
  • You need to enter the acknowledgement slip number in its respective box.
  • Also, there would be the time and date of when the acknowledgement slip was generated on the acknowledgement slip itself, you need to enter that particular detail in its’ respective box too.
  • After these particular steps, there would be a box asking you to put in ‘CAPTCHA’ provided for you.
  • Once you are through with these steps all you need to do is click on the check status button.
  • You would be shown the status of your application.
If you have not yet applied for aadhar card, download the form now giving a single click on: Online Download the Aadhar Card Application Form in different Languages

Points you need to keep in mind while checking the status online:

  • You would definitely keep your acknowledgement slip with you; with this particular number you cannot get the status.
  • The acknowledge number should be filled in very carefully, and the time and date should also be put in. The time and date of acknowledgement slip would be provided on the left-hand side of the slip.
  • You need to first put in the 14 digit number and in the same space after the number only can you put the time and date.
  • You should have the same mobile number which you have used while enrolling for the Aadhar card. Or else you cannot get your OTP.

You can also check the status of your Aadhar card using your registered mobile number or your email id. This is the best-given process though as lots of time the results do not come through the text message.
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