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Apply for a new voter ID card in the state of Kerala with complete procedure to register online - Registration Guide

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Voting is the most essential aspect of a developing nation. It is a combined action of citizens of the nation to elect a functional and efficient ruling party.  Nationwide elections take place every 5 years and each citizen above the age of 18 years has the right to vote. Every year an updated list of voters is released. In order to be in this list every citizen must have a voters ID card. This card validates an individual to cast a vote.

Since, India constitutes of 28 states every state has a separate system of going about with the voting process. Kerala having the highest literacy rate, is capable of producing mass voters. This again has its own organised system of registering. Making a Voters ID card has now become quick and simple. These few steps will take you through the Voter ID Card Registration in no time. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop/pc and a scanned photograph.

Government Guidelines to Apply for a New Voter ID Card in Kerala

  1. The first thing you need to do is log on to If you are already a Voter ID Card holder,  you will just need to put in your registration number to check the status of the card. A candidate who wants get a new card will have to create an account on the website.

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  1. Once the details of the candidate are filled, a verification link will be sent to your registered e-mail ID. Click on the link and you will have an account on the website. This account will help you access the forms required to be filled

  1. The next step is to look for FORM-6. This form has a number of details that have to be filled out, like your residential address, your name, date of birth etc. Please remember to carry your scanned passport size photo that will be required on the form.  Once this is complete you also have to submit a hard copy of your residential address, ID proof etc, along with the signatures at the nearest electoral office.These details are then verified by a Booth Level Officer, who will pay a visit to your house, thus validating the details in the form.

  1. After the verification process is complete, the citizen can legitimately vote. The person can then collect his card. No one other than the candidate will be allowed to collect the card.
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Official Authority

The people of Kerala are provided election facilities by the Election Commission of India.  It is a team of officers that are responsible for the entire electoral process . They look after everything from laws of election to tolling booths. Being the final authority elections, the ECI makes all terms and conditions for all the states in India. The ECI is responsive  and easy to approach.

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However, when the online registration for Voter ID Card had just begun, things were very different. Only the Chief Electoral Officer was given the authority over electoral activities around the nation. This eventually changed and the Electoral Commission of India was also included in this process. This is the reason today maximum youth is volunteering to vote.
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is there any charge for card? in thidanad panchayath Rs 10 is charged /card


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