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Apply for a new voter id card in New Delhi, Delhi, India - Complete registration details
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Delhi being the capital of India, takes elections quiet seriously. Both the Prime Minister and the President have their residential quarters in New Delhi. Also the parliament and the supreme court lie in this city. Being the capital of India, Delhi is highly participative when it comes to elections. Each resident is passionate and opinionated about politics. The political parties have a strong hold on the city. It has inched into every crack of New Delhi.

Online Voter ID for National Capital Region - Delhi

Elections in India are held every 5 years. A new political party and an opposition party are chosen every 5 years. These parties are chosen through nationwide elections. Every citizen of the country who is 18 and years and above is eligible to vote. Another eligibility criteria for voting is of course a registered Voter’s ID card.  A voter’s ID validates the existence of an individual as a citizen of the country and gives it legal right to cast a vote. Since India is a huge nation, the registration process of each state differs mildly from one another.

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Your voter ID card can be made by filling a few forms on the website of the respective geographical area. 

These simple steps will help the residents of New Delhi, to make a Voters ID in no time:

Step 1: Log on to the website This website is solely created for the residents of New Delhi. It has all the necessary information about the process and is easy to use. This link will take you to the Home Page of the website.
Step 2: Once you are on the homepage, you have to create an account on the website. Once you Fill in the details a verification link will be sent to your e-mail ID. By clicking on this link you can create an account. This account will help you log in every time you need to check the status of your ID or anything else pertaining to your ID.

Step 3: The next step is to find FORM-6. This form will ask you for details, such as you name, residential address, age, sex, etc. It will also ask you to upload a passport sized scanned picture of yourself.  Apart from the picture you have to upload your residential address proof and other documents given in the instructions. You also send a hard copy of the residential proof to the Booth Level Officer, who will pay a visit to the given residential address to make sure everything, is valid.

Voter ID Card in Delhi

Step 4: Once all the above steps are complete you will receive a registration number. In a few days you will receive your Voter’s ID card.
In case you are not able to complete the entire process online. After creating an account download FORM-6, fill it manually, attach a passport size picture of yourself and post it to the Delhi electoral office by post.
The above steps will be more than sufficient to make your Voter’s ID card.
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