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Process to register for a new voter id card in ANDHRA PRADESH - Complete application process

India being the largest democracy in the world counts on each vote to elect their government. For a smooth governance of the nation, the citizens and the elected party should get along well. A strong government can only be formed only if every citizen from every town, city and state of India cast their vote.  Every citizen who does not vote is giving up his right to be able to choose governance of his choice. In order to cast a vote one needs a Voter ID card. Elections are held every 5 years, which is also when prepared by the Electoral Registration Office of every assembly is released. Every year this list is revised by the respective state and the candidates who made their voter ID within this period are added to it.

Voter ID Card Application Procedure in Andhra Pradesh

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Andhra Pradesh has a huge population which makes it one of most impactful states when it comes to voting. Earlier, the Voter ID could only be made on paper, but since the digital revolution, all procedures have become online.
Andra Pradesh Voter ID Card

Here are a few simple steps you can follow to create a Voter ID Card online in Andhra Pradesh:

Step 1: Log on to This website is specifically created for the residents of the state of Andhra Pradesh and to guide them through the process of creating a Voter ID Card. All the required information is available on the site. Its user friendliness along with the ease to navigate will help you through the process faster.

CEO Andhra Pradesh

Step 2: Create a user account. Once the page loads you will be prompted to create an account. Make sure you already have a registered account on gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc before registering. Fill in the details and a link will be sent to your registered e-mail ID. Verify this link and the account will be activated. You can now proceed to the next step.
Step 3: When you log into your new account you will see the E-registration link, if you are registering for a new ID card click on this link and a number of forms will appear. Amongst these forms you have to select FORM-6.  Do make sure that you have a scanned passport sized photograph as the form will require to attach one.  Once the form is complete and submitted, a registration number will be provided to you.

Step 4: After you have completed your online registration, hardcopies of the address proof and age proof have to be submitted  at the nearest Election Registration Officer’s office. Your details will then be verified by a Booth Level Officer, who will visit your home. Once he gives a positive heads up you will receive your Voters ID card. This will be given to the candidate whose details have been mentioned in the Voter ID card.

Election Commission of India
The Electoral Commission of India is responsible for organizing the online registration process all over India. They are the final authority along with the Chief Electoral Officer.

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