{"How to Apply"} for a new VOTER ID CARD in {"Puducherry"} (Pondicherry) - Procedure to Register for Voter ID

Get yourself registered for a new voter id card in Puducherry / Pondicherry - Complete details to apply online | Election Commission of India Officials

Voter ID Card Online Puducherry

Registration for VOTER ID in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is one among the Union Territories of India. This Union Territory is officially known as Puducherry. These days online registration for VOTER ID cards have been introduced even in this state. Even you can also get all the information related to polls and elections online.


All the residents of Pondicherry who are 18 years or above are officially eligible to vote and can get their name listed for the process of making of VOTER ID card. A VOTER ID card is necessary for any individual who wants to vote. Without having the same you cannot vote and this can further affect nation’s growth.

Easy Process:

The registration process is quite easy and simple as well. One can easily register successfully by following the guidelines given in the website itself. Basic computer knowledge is sufficient to start the process of registration. A user friendly website is created by Election Commission of India along with CEO of Pondicherry. This helps users to navigate through the site very easily and also to get all the information given on the website related to elections and VOTER ID card.

Steps to register online:

Voter Registration Step1

For registering online candidates must visit the site at http://www.election.tn.gov.in or www.ceopuducherry.py.gov.in

Voter Registration Step2

There you shall be getting an option for online registration; you just have to click on that.

Voter Registration Step3: 

You will be redirected to next page when you will click on the proceed button.

Voter Registration Step4: 

You have to choose form option and download the form. If you are registering for the first time then, you must download form no. 6.

Voter Registration Step5

When you will download the form, you shall be getting a reference number on your respective email id for the process of confirmation. You can proceed further only after the confirmation process is completed. The reference number can be used to check the status of your VOTER ID card or in case you want to get your VOTER card modified.

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Common Registration Direction

Chief Electoral Officer Puducherry
Fill the downloaded form accurately and also upload your photo wherever required. After the form is completely filled, take a print out of that form and then send the form to the election office located near to you. When your application will reach the election office, an acknowledgement would be sent and soon after that, the verification process will take place.
A BLO (Booth Level Officer) officer will be visiting you soon for verification. After the verification, you shall be getting your VOTER ID card within one month from the election office. If any changes are required then the provided reference number can be used for the same.

Advantages of VOTER ID Card in life

VOTER ID is required for many purposes. It sorts out the purpose for identity card and for address proof. Therefore it is required to get your VOTER ID card in India on an ASAP basis. If you have any doubts regarding it, then also you can just relax as all the information is provided on the website for clarification. If it is not sufficient then, helpline numbers are also given on the website. You can call on those numbers to get assistance.
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