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Register yourself for a new VOTER ID CARD in the state of Madhya Pradesh - CEO officials | Registration Guide


Voting is one of the most important functions of the citizens of any free democracy. It is important to vote as it makes the voice of the common man heard and in a democracy which is for the people, by the people and of the people, operative word being the people. India being the largest democracy in the world and the elections having such an important global impact, it is important that every eligible voter elect their choice of representative for their region. To vote you require a voting ID and this signifies that you are eligible to vote.

Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state in India area-wise and holds 29 Lok Sabha Seats and 11 Rajya Sabha Members and 230 legislative assembly seats. The elections in this state have a large impact on the state of the country.

Election Commission of India

Voter ID Online Registration Steps - Madhya Pradesh

The next step is to log on to the website. Once you are directed to the Home Page, go to the Forms tab and look for FORM-6. Fill out the details like your name, residential address, date of birth etc. Along with the form you have to upload scanned copies of documents which prove that the details you have provided are valid, also make sure to attach a scanned passport sized photograph of yourself. When all these things are done your online process will be complete.

Log on to http://ceomadhyapradesh.nic.in/. This website has been created by the Election Commission of India so that all people have an easier time registering themselves to vote. The website has been created keeping the user in mind so that they can navigate the website without many problems.
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Procedure for Applying Online Registration For Voter ID Card

You will have to click the e-registration link and if you need a new id click on the link and a number of forms will appear. Amongst them you must select FORM-6. You need to attach a copy of a scanned passport sized photograph to attach with your form. After completing all the formalities, you will be provided with an registration number. With the completion of this step, the online procedure has been completed.

Address and Identity Verification of Voter ID

Once you complete the online process, a set of documents verifying your residential address and age proof have to be sent to the Election Registration Office. These documents have to be hard copies of the papers you submitted online. A Booth Level officer will then visit your home to make sure that the details provided by you are valid. Once the officer verifies the documents, the process of creating your Voter’s ID will be complete. Within a month, you will receive your Voter’s ID on the registered address.
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